Wednesday, 5 March 2014

SL Onlive


Today Plurk and Twitter is all a frenzy about the "Big Announcement" by the Linden Lab that Second Life is now available for mobile platforms!

YAY!... actually... hold on a minute...

1: OnLive is cloud service, meaming it renders Second Life in their own servers and streams that render to your phone, which means your phone (or other mobile device) will actually get a very nice looking render of SL.

2: You need a substantial internet connection for OnLive to stream anything worth a damn.

3: You have that internet connection?  Then you probably have an actual decent computer that will actually run SL anyway.

4: Lumiya is free, OnLive isnt.

Not only does Lumiya work on Android phones, unlike the offering from Linden Lab/Onlive, Lumiya is actually free.  The Onlive offering from Linden Lab is a "pay to play" service.

Case closed...