Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Perfect Storm...

In September of 2013 I wrote this...
What will, and to a certain extent is happening now is the shedding of dead wood. The first to feel it will be the regions, by this time next year i predict we will be down to only two Dr Who regions in SL. The smaller companies selling items to do with Dr Who will start to feel the pinch by January/February of next year, because Jan and Feb is the traditional months when folks don't have a lot of spare cash (due to christmas). Next year Jan and Feb will more than likely kill off smaller Dr Who selling companies in SL as there is now realistically speaking no fresh blood coming in. The well has essentially dried up, and that wall is getting closer as the community trundles along in the cart.
A few days later in September of 2013 i followed up with this...
The Doctor Who Expo (Eutopia) closes this weekend. Now read the blog post below this one. Next to close will be several of the smaller Dr Who based sellers, 1 TARDIS maker (at least one... maybe two) and one other sim will go...all within 6 months.
Notice i mentioned "within 6 months" and "January/February" in both of the above posts? About 2 weeks ago, i heard from Judy of Olyesti that she was going to close down Olyesti. 2 days later in the same week I heard from Sen that Oolon is giving up New Gallifrey.

 As I said, January and February are the two toughest times of the year when it comes to people spending cash within Second Life. One TARDIS maker has vanished off the grid since the launch of his products and several other content creators for the Doctor Who community have not been seen since November of 2013. I hate to say this.. but to all the folks out there who INSIST on using rose tinted glasses to look at the Dr Who community... I...WAS...RIGHT.

 Even down to which months it would happen, even down to how many regions would have been left if New Gallifrey and Olyesti did go, and even down to the shedding of content creators within the community. In that same blog post i wrote this...
Once it does hit that wall, and the dead wood is shaken off, we will see what will remain of the actual real Dr Who community in SL. That will give folks a new base to work on to re-market the Dr Who community, but it sure as hell wont be me.
What we seen in January of this year was a Perfect Storm in the whovian circles within Second Life. The Prefect Storm was topped off by one man... Mr Peter Capaldi. The fact that a much older actor is coming in to play the role has seen a VAST amount of would-be Dr Who fans leave the show as fans, to be replaced with older fans who stopped watching the show when Tennant came in.

 Folks like Steve Coogan (well known comedian in the UK) said it best "Now the show will probably return to a slightly more gritty classic feel... I think I will start watching again". The same sentiments have been heard across the board. Old fans of the show now thinking of coming back since the arrival of Capaldi who will be playing an older Doctor. The main Doctor Who group has seen the effect of this within Second Life as well. A vast amount of "thedoctor9348239" or "doctor09438923" newbies have not logged in since the announcement of Capaldi as the new actor. The remainders of those who still logged in, have virtually stopped logging in after the Christmas Special when Matt Smith said his goodbyes. Those underage fans who came in their droves into SL, begging for freebies, will now slowly be replaced by old time Doctor Who fans in SL, the folks who have not logged in for a long, long time. I've already started seeing some of those old names popping up and seeing a VASTLY different landscape in the Doctor Who community from what they remember when they stopped being a part of the community several years ago.

The Doctor Who community in SL is now in the process of having its reset button hit. The highlight of all this is what happened to Olyesti and New Gallifrey. They both came VERY close to closing. However, Judy has a new co-owner in Olyesti (no its not me) and has also agreed to take over the running of New Gallifrey. New Gally has moved next door to Olyesti so for the first time there is now three Doctor Who community regions sitting next to each other... ...and that's the base to work off of now.

I said I wouldn't start marketing again, and I wont. However I am going to give several Dr Who fan sites a poke and ask them to have a look in at the changes going on. One of the reasons its a bad time to market is simple...things are still in flux, nothing has been set in stone yet, but the peices are starting to slowly come together.

Doctor Who Community in SL has now grown up.


  1. I thought Sen owned New Gallifrey anyway. I'll have to visit Olyesti. Don't think I know that one.

    1. Aqua the scalybutt here lol, or as some now when I take a few trips to Babbage call me Miss Larsen, Miss Aquadragon Larsen, Miss Aqua or as the little youngins like to call me 'that cool dragon who can change into loads of awesome things!' XD, Yeah you should come and check Olyesti out Iam the ambassador of Olyesti and I show people around but that job is on hold for the moment until it's finished being built and judy can restore my title tag lol, its still under construction in most parts and iam also waiting to get my office back XD