Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Revisiting an old build

Way, waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy back, long before mesh came in and around the time when Brunel Hall was going through it final overhaul, i was contacted by Gabrielle Riel (of Radio Riel, and former owner of New Toulouse) to build a new version of Coughton Court, her home in SL.

This was around 2010ish i think.  Long before the 64m prim limit was introduced, back then we was all stuck with 10m prims.

Well, a few weeks ago i was contacted by Gabi to basically overhaul Coughton Court, to give the old place a makeover... so work has now commenced on basically deconstructing the old megaprim build and give the whole place an overhaul to drag it into 2013...

The old Coughton Court build...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

DJ'ing in SL

I have started an inworld group for folks to join to know when and where I am DJ;ing, if you show up to one of my sets PM me for an invite to it, as for this current time here is my DJ schedule...

Monday 10am: BAD - 80's and 90's

Wednesday 4pm: Dizzy Lizzys - Vintage Big Band & Swing

Thursday  2pm: Club Torii - Classic Rock n Roll

Friday  2pm: BAD - 80's and 90's

Sunday 12noon: BAD - 80's and 90's

First Thu of the month @ 5pm - Radio Riel "The Million Sellers"

Every 2nd Friday: 5pm - Brunel Hall - Morningtons Musical Mystery Tour

I got the job at BAD 80's and 90's only very recently, its part of the much bigger Ambrosia Entertainment Group and is one of 4 major clubs under that group on the grid.