Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's begun...

The Doctor Who Expo (Eutopia) closes this weekend.

Now read the blog post below this one.

Next to close will be several of the smaller Dr Who based sellers, 1 TARDIS maker (at least one... maybe two) and one other sim will go...all within 6 months.

As I said in the blog below this one... now the shrinking of the community starts, it wont be a slow shrink either, it will be a drastic one.

Folks had better find a nice safe place to buy some land in and batten down the hatches, its gonna be a rough ride from here on in.  As for me, i'll be enjoying my retirement in New Babbage :)  Isn't it amazing, how quickly a community starts to unravel when there's sod all marketing going on?  No fresh blood coming in to replace the folks who are leaving or going off to other ventures in SL.  Some folks have said to me that I should keep marketing all the time to bring more people in.  I asked them a simple question...


They had no answer.  5 years is a LONG time for one person to constantly go into the Whovian chat rooms, make connections with other sites on the hush-hush and court the BBC in an attempt to get them interested.  Where is the pay off though?  Everyone else seen the benefits, apart from me.  Most of the older companies in SL seen a slow and steady rise in Linden dollar takings from the period of 2010 to 2012, all those new faces coming in from the chat rooms which i chatted in.  Only to further down the line be backstabbed by certain members of the community in an attempt to derail the marketing strategy that I forced down the community's throat in 2009.

Well guess what, i derailed it instead.

Here's a piece of advice for folks who have got most of their fingers in the Dr Who community pie.  Branch out...if you don't you will be dragged down with it to a point that when the Dr Who community in SL stabilizes within the next year and unless your a big company like Hands of wont be able to recover.

The fact of the matter is SL is now on a nosedive.  Linden lab have been losing regions consistently by about 80 to 100 every two weeks.  They went from a max of over 32000 regions and they are now down to 26000.  The shrinking just isn't affecting the Dr Who community (although its been magnified in it) its effecting most if not ALL scfi franchises.

People wonder why I got interested in New Babbage.  Now you know.  I seen the first cracks start to appear in 2011.

Ya gotta have some place else to go if your house burns down.  I do.  The question is...

Do you?

Also, before you all start to think about piling into the steamlands of SL and building cheap crap in the hopes of making a quick buck, dont bother, you gotta be a DAMN good builder and already have a damn good reputation before the steampunk community even thinks of buying anything.  Why ya think i run an hotel and dont bother selling anything?

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