Sunday, 8 September 2013

Its been two months...

One of the longest breaks i've had from writing blog stuff on this blog.

So, it's been two months since my last message, which basically was all about members of the BBC looking around in SL and just seeing idiots, not so much in the Dr Who community (although they did notice a few) but from outside the Dr Who franchise in the other scifi realms.  After the two folks from BBC said "thanks... but no thanks" that was it, as far as I am concerned the Dr Who community is going to hell in a handcart.

So i jumped off that cart before it hits the brick wall, and trust me, that wall is getting closer and closer as each month passes.  The stagnation in the Dr Who community is already starting to take effect, its been two months now since all that marketing I have been doing for 4 years stopped, all at the same time.  The effects of it is now being felt, the main Dr Who group usually got about 150 new folks joining every week... its now down to less than 50.  New Babbage (because of a high proportion of landing spots for all TARDIS types) almost always gets a lot of visitors, a lot of them new folks in TARDISed they recently bought, now there's less and less new folks either in HoO or NLS consoles walking around New Babbage.  The signs are there, and if you've worked in marketing, even for a little while like i have in Activision and Interplay... you can see when the writing is on the wall, and that wall is getting closer and closer.

Does this mean that the Dr Who community is dead?  Absofrakkinlutley NOT.  What will, and to a certain extent is happening now is the shedding of dead wood.  The first to feel it will be the regions, by this time next year i predict we will be down to only two Dr Who regions in SL.  The smaller companies selling items to do with Dr Who will start to feel the pinch by January/February of next year, because Jan and Feb is the traditional months when folks don't have a lot of spare cash (due to christmas).  Next year Jan and Feb will more than likely kill off smaller Dr Who selling companies in SL as there is now realistically speaking no fresh blood coming in.  The well has essentially dried up, and that wall is getting closer as the community trundles along in the cart.

Once it does hit that wall, and the dead wood is shaken off, we will see what will remain of the actual real Dr Who community in SL.  That will give folks a new base to work on to re-market the Dr Who community, but it sure as hell wont be me.  The heady days of 2010/11 is gone, the community will revert to what it was in size during 2008/9.  A core of about 200 regulars, with 400 semi regulars.  That's not enough to keep the current amount of companies, sellers, RP groups and sims going.  It's nowhere near enough.

So, what have I been doing lately?

I retired to New Babbage.  The Steamlands has all the things the Dr Who community HAD, but the difference is, the Steamlands still has it.  A far bigger community, far more sims, ten times more RP and ten times more spenders than the Who community in SL has at the moment.  The best part is it's not just one lone person doing the main marketing, as was the case with me and the Dr Who Community.  All of the 3 major Steampunk groups with their own lands, Caledon (over 50 sims), Steelhead (6 sims) and New Babbage (8 sims) all do their own style of marketing which cross pollinates the other places.  Fresh new folks are visiting every single day, these folks wander around, rent in hotels (like mine) or even buy a plot of land.

On the building side of things Brunel Hall is currently having a mini overhaul on it's restaurant and bar side.  Since the hall climbed back up the search rankings again there has been far more visitors paying a visit to the place and to New Babbage in general, they generally walk out and have a wander around after they have finished in the restaurant.

Also, i'm back DJ'ing again.  The problems with the connection and SAM broadcaster crashing has finally stopped and i start DJ'ing at the 60's, 70's and 80's club called "Club Retro" next week.

All in all, I've been busy.  Not just busy in SL, but also busy in Star Trek Online, but thats a whole other story :)

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  1. Whovians may have decreased their appearances in Babbage, but I've noticed a large increase in blue boxes turning up in Seraph City