Saturday, 22 June 2013

So much for that... I sit here and watch as the Dr Who Expo is stripped down, i wonder what the point was of all that marketing and outside SL advertising i have done for the good of the "community".

DWE has "merged" with Who Island but the truth really is Who Island is basically taking over everything.  I have a series of SL interviews lined up all this summer with bloggers and SL magazines (the first of the major ones being the SL10B panel).  How can I sit there and expunge upon the "community" when, for all intents and purposes, I've basically just been handed my redundancy papers?

4 years, spent banging my head against a wall with Linden Lab to get Dr Who in that destination guide.  The two dest guide spots for Eutopia are now useless.

4 years marketing the Dr Who SL community outside of Second Life.  Ok some of those attempts was abject failures, but the few that have worked out, worked out great.  Oolon had a LOT to do with the one major one which worked... PodSHOCK.

4 years of trying to make the BBC show at least a passing interest in the SL Dr Who fanbase, which culminated last week in a member of the Roath Lock studio staff in charge of administration and online "events" (i dont know of any online "events" by the BBC) coming inworld and looking around the IFT Convention.  She has been inworld a lot visiting the various Dr Who based sims...and yes, i gave her landmarks to ALL of them, even New London cause even though i have... issues... with New London they still represent a fair sized chunk of this "community".

Every weekend, for 4 years, meeting up with Dr Who fans in several chat rooms both IRC based and Skype based, telling them of the new things happening in SL.

Honestly... how else do you all think that the Dr Who community of 4 years ago has grown from a small group of maybe 700, to a community which now spans into the thousands?  A community which is still growing even now, despite every single other scifi franchise in SL stagnating?

Today, that all stops.

I'm not angry with anyone.  I'm not angry with the former owners of Eutopia...we all know how expensive regions are in SL.  I'm not angry with Who Island for deciding to clean slate everything.

I'm angry at myself, angry at having spent 4 years of constant marketing, constantly seeing out new places to find Dr Who fans to bring them into SL, angry at not being able to see the massive brick wall that I was about to slam into.

I no longer have a Dr Who sim to call home anymore, and I no longer have any vested interest at all into marketing this community any longer.

All that time I have spent in bolstering the Dr Who community will now be spent in another place, the only place i have left which i can call a "home" in SL.

That place is New Babbage.

I hope that the remaining Dr Who community regions out there have got plans for marketing, because within a couple of months, that steady stream of new folks you have all been counting on... will dry up.


  1. I have a pretty good reason to believe that returning absolutely fucking everything in Eutopia was result of a miscommunication than some decision on Tristan or anyone else on Who Island's part. He certainly doesn't seem very happy with it.

  2. They did the same thing to me back in 2010 that they're doing to you now. I seem to recall you were rather unsympathetic back then. Now you know something of what I went through. If you're the sim owner, put your foot down and lay down the law before they ruin your region the way they did their own.

    1. By the way, I'm not wading into this thread to start shit, Mornington. I'm actually sympathetic to what you're going through because it happened to me. I'm offering to bury the hatchet with you, at least on this.