Thursday, 27 June 2013

Now it begins...

What was the point of it all?


Almost half a damn decade bringing new folks into the Doctor Who Community, at least 3 SOLID years of marketing for the Dr Who community, and for what?

For certain staff of New London to perpetuate an age old lie by Quidich Geer that DWE in the old Katrina sim and now the Eutopia sim that the DWE staff and Who Island is "Anti Furry" and anti gay.  For certain copybotting scum in the community to get away with stealing content from DWE/Katrina/Eutopia, and those same people to be welcome in organizations like the Green Lantern Core who are supposed to uphold the basic beliefs of Second Life, one of those beliefs being anti copybotting.

I have, for 4 long years, sat here and dragged the community from a few hundred to more than 10,000 active members, and all the while hounded by copybotters like Archangel, hounded by self centered ego maniacs like Kat Kassner.  Stood by and watched as Kassner, novatech and other so called "community leaders" harbored copybotting scum like Archangel.

Well... as folks say its the quiet ones who snap first, and trust me, i have been VERY quiet as Green Lantern Core took Archangel the copybotter into their wings even though the GLC KNOW he steals content.  I have been very quiet while the New London staff continue to perpetuate the continued lies which they tell against the DWE,  remaining quiet as other people undermine all the work i have done for the past 5 years in dragging this community from a few hundred into 10,000+

The rep from the BBC i mentioned before?  She wasn't alone.  Several of her comrades have been regulars in ALL of the Dr Who community regions for the past 5 months.  All of her comrades have seen the brunt of the lies and coverups of this so called community.

I handed the ownership of the Dr Who group to Tristan... i will now sit back, and watch as certain people start to reap what they have sown...

All i have done is hold back continuously.  As the former owner of the biggest group in SL for Doctor Who fans, folks like Kassner and Arch took advantage of it, Kassner giving her old excuse of "i wont take responsibility for what my staff say" and Arch using his friendships with certain people (like chesyr of novatech) to cover up the lies and deceit the two biggest of them being the REAL reason Who Island under Archies ownership failed, and Archies past and CURRENT history of copybotting.  Cheshyr going public in Novatech chat twisting what actually happened to Whi Island to make Archie look like he was without sin.

5 years...

...and for WHAT exactly?

The way i seen it, the only folks who can sort this mess out is the folks who own the franchise.  It is now in their hands.  I have walked away from this all, and i will overlook the gradual burning of the community the same way Emperor Nero looked on as Rome burned...

... and i will look forward to it.


  1. They say no good deed goes unpunished. I was willing to bury the hatchet and offer a sympathetic ear, but frankly, it's pointless.

    Only ONE time did I ever use a few prims from DWE Dalek avatars to finish ones I was working on. ONCE. As in, I never repeated that offense. I learned my lesson. I suspect you know this. Now, Cheshyr is prepared to sue you for libel and get you banned from SL altogether. And he could probably do it, too, given your record. I can't say I blame him. But really, why make it necessary? Okay, you put in four years of your life trying to build up a Doctor Who community in SL. And from where you're sitting, it seems like it's all been for nothing. Believe me, I can relate. I put a fair chunk of time and money I couldn't afford into Who Island and my only thanks was to be driven out, lied about, and made a permanent drifter in SL.

    But you know what? I came clean to the GLC about what I did. I explained that I learned my lesson and that I wouldn't make that same mistake again, and I won't. That's why I was accepted. If I'd tried to hide it, or lied about it, they'd have booted and banned me at the first. Believe it or not, Victor, people can and do make honest errors of judgment, and they can and often do repent of them and they don't ever do it again. That's the case with me.

    I just wish you'd give it a rest with the vendetta. You're going through hell and you need all the real friends you can get. I'm asking you to drop it finally and let bygones be bygones. I'm willing to call a truce and bury the past if you are. But you need to have the will to reciprocate. If you're interested, feel free to chat me up in SL. I took you off mute a while ago, so if you need to vent you're welcome to do so. I think you'll find me surprisingly open.

    1. "prepared to sue you for libel and get you banned from SL altogether"

      Know that sounds surprisingly JLU. But then again you rubbed quite a few elbows with them as well.

    2. Not really. I made some inquiries with them but nothing materialized, and then they were hit with that scandal, which some tried to tie to me in some fashion. As I've been told by GLC members, JLU wanted them to basically follow their playbook as gridwide cops, which the GLC wasn't keen on, so they distanced themselves. As it turns out, that was for the best as JLU got caught engaging in what at best could be considered very NSA-like activities, which were then exposed by a major griefer group in SL — a griefer group certain parties supported when it was convenient but turned out to have fabricated much of what they'd posted.

      As for the whole business about reporting Victor to LL, I was only relating what Cheshyr had mentioned in response to things Victor was posting in his group chat. Normally Cheshyr doesn't get involved in drama like this, but when HE of all people is this P.O.ed, you know his feathers have been ruffled. Being lied about over a years-old vendetta he had nothing to do with isn't exactly a pleasant thing to experience.

      Anyway, I did try to bury the hatchet here. I can at least say I tried.


    4. Thank you for the link, which is what I reiterated in my earlier comment. Woodbury-The Wrong Hands did fabricate much of what they posted, and yes, Victor did support them in telling their lies because doing so happened to dovetail with his vendetta against me. This is fact.