Thursday, 7 March 2013

DJ'ing in SL

I have started an inworld group for folks to join to know when and where I am DJ;ing, if you show up to one of my sets PM me for an invite to it, as for this current time here is my DJ schedule...

Monday 10am: BAD - 80's and 90's

Wednesday 4pm: Dizzy Lizzys - Vintage Big Band & Swing

Thursday  2pm: Club Torii - Classic Rock n Roll

Friday  2pm: BAD - 80's and 90's

Sunday 12noon: BAD - 80's and 90's

First Thu of the month @ 5pm - Radio Riel "The Million Sellers"

Every 2nd Friday: 5pm - Brunel Hall - Morningtons Musical Mystery Tour

I got the job at BAD 80's and 90's only very recently, its part of the much bigger Ambrosia Entertainment Group and is one of 4 major clubs under that group on the grid.


  1. Ambrosia just seems to be getting bigger. I only knew of two clubs they had, the original Ambrosia one and Rez. Now that you've mentioned BAD what is the other one?

  2. Grind "Modern Romance" is the 4th and i think Phil is now workingon a 5th sim north of BAD...