Monday, 18 February 2013

Revamped Type 42

It's been a long while since i sat down and done a complete modded console from scratch.  Since i have a bit of spare time now with OBR finished and the first of the Relay for Life building not due for a couple of weeks, i thought i'd give my main console and major overhaul...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

What IS it with some people?

So, some of you may know that i took part in the One Billion Rising event in Second Life.

I basically built that big stage folks danced on, spending a week basically living in those 4 regions, everything else, my admin duties in New Babbage, the stuff i do in the Dr Who community...was put on hold.  The event had over a hundred volunteers, from DJ's, to staff, from exhibitors setting up art to greeters, the list went on.

We all volunteered our time and effort into bringing an event into Second Life which would raise awareness into one subject.  The statistic of ONE BILLION women and female children who are physically abused around the world.

It is a staggering statistic, one seventh of the current world population of just over 7 billion.  One seventh of the entire population of the world.

The event didnt ask for money, we had no donation kiosks, all we asked is for folks to come over and simply spend a little time...and a lot of folks did...a LOT of folks.

However...there is always the detractors.

Hamlet The Has-Been, never missing a chance to look at the tiny could inside the big silver lining made a blog post about the "controversy" surrounding OBR and linked to two posts by two bloggers whom i never heard of...

According to the above, everyone involved in organizing OBF has wasted their time with a meaningless event in SL because we didn't lobby in the real world.  We are also elitist, we are pedantic middle class people... the list goes on, its a fun and interesting read from two separate bloggers who seem to think its ok for them to cast their eyes on an event and shake their heads in disapproval.

Both of these bloggers then make it a point in their two separate blog posts to post a little about the hardships they have faced in real life...i will do the same for them...

I am 37 years old, a cancer survivor, near housebound due to the effects that cancer had on my spine.  I also suffer from Fuchs Dystrophy which renders me near blind every two years.  At the end of that two year cycle i need to go to hospital and literally have both my eyes...peeled...for want of a better word to get back 80% of my vision.  I rarely go outside... rarely.  Next month i have to have all my teeth removed, bottom and upper set due to the dentist and doctor both informing me that if i don't then further complications of a genetic quirk in my family will arise.  I spend most of my days in pain, which i fully admit is very manageable with copious amounts of Tramadol which is a non addictive morphine derivative.

Now, the general theme of these two bloggers is that i wasted my time.  I didn't go out there in the real world and go to my MP's, i didn't go out there and do face to face consultations with groups of people to organize a real world political lobby.  I wasted my time because i spent all my time in SL to volunteer for this.  Even though im housebound, disabled and basically not very weel, these two bloggers seem to think they can cast aspersions on me and my life and shake their head disapprovingly at me.

To me and to everyone who attended the event we al feel it was a big success, it brought awareness to a staggering statistic which very few people WITHIN SECOND LIFE knew about.  I capitalized the "within second life" part for a reason.  That is why OBR was done here, in Second Life, that was the entire point of doing here, in Second Life, to raise awareness.

I feel sorry for the two bloggers above, who are not only unable to see the bigger picture, but are more than willing to cast aspersions on the multitude of disabled people, like me, who took part in the event simply because they are inable to take part in any form of real world events.

I wonder if the two bloggers above will also deem my being in the Relay For Life of Second Life 2013 Comittee as being "meaningless" simply because i cant go outside and take part in "real life" events?

Makes you wonder doesn't it?


I'm adding a small point here for the followers of Whiskey and Chesnuts blog who will no doubt end up here.

I am a nobody in Second Life, i have this blog which gets a handfull of visitors a day, I am an average DJ with a very small following, i don't own any sims, don't run any fashion blogs, don't run any SL TV shows.  The only claim to fame I have is having two of my builds in the destination guide.  Yet Whiskey and Chesnut are apparently very well known in SL.  BOTH of them have a large amount of followers and fans, yet BOTH of them feel the need to go on the attack for the likes of me, the little guy?

Who is the elitists that Winter and Chesnut was both referring to?

It seems to me that both of them are USING their OWN high status to force a message across, little realizing they are trampling all over the "little guy" which both of them proclaim to be.