Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Theres restaurants...

...and then there's Brunel Hall.

Thats the quote today from someone who popped into Muirsheen Durkin restaurant which is in Brunel Hall.  She popped in with her hubby as they had been celebrating their 2nd SL wedding anniversary.  They had been to 3 other restaurants before Brunel Hall.  One of them turned them down because they had to "book".  One of them wanted to charge them 400L to join a group just to get onto the land and the other "looked like it was made in 2006" as the male avatar said to me when he teleported in.

The mesh overhaul and redress of the inside is almost complete, with the new conservatory and redone sauna finished.

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  1. The Brunel has really become a sensation, Vic - it looks amazing!