Thursday, 17 January 2013

New RP TARDIS Desintations...

An overhaul of the Roleplay destinations and destination for other TARDIS system landers which i have rezzed out has been finished.  Several new locations for Hands of Omega including Europa Wulfenbach, New Toulouse and Marikesh Mondrago.  Who Island Timeline Systems and Vortech have been added to ALL of the original and new HoO RP destinations I have down.

I have also readded the T60 NLS landers to these roleplay destinations, having removed them at the request of some sim admins due to griefing problems with a very small minority of those users, luckily though those users ended up getting banned from SL.  It now means that ALL of the major TARDIS systems are sharing the vast majority of the main RP destinations which HoO have had via me for the past 2 years.  These places include New Babbage, Steelhead, New Toulouse, Marikesh Mondrago, Babylon 5, Europa Wulfenbach and half a dozen others, in effect doubling the RP destinations of some of those TARDIS companys.  However Hands of Omega still took priority on some destinations who wanted only one single lander, and those destinations are HoO exclusive and will remain so.

For WITS Users, go to the main WITS store in Who Island and grab a copy of the Disk Repository, all of the new destinations are in there.

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