Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Tuscan Order

So, i decided i needed a new place for a holiday home. I already rent a large plot of mainland from Prokofy Neva, but i needed a place thats actually got a "home" sitting on the ground. Here's the Tuscan Order....
I decided to rent a chunk of land in Locus Amoenus, which is one of the regions thats part of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, CDS for short. A nice little holiday home to get away from.. well...everything :D

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Im on buzzfeed :D

Just found out a few minutes ago that one of my TARDIS modjob's made it into a top 15 list on Buzzfeed :D


It's no.9 on the list.  I think though they didnt realise that mine was actually useable, at least in Second Life.  For the folks popping over from Buzzfeed, take a look at the video below, it shows one of the "canon" consoles (Jon Pertwee era) in use within Second Life.  The console picured on buzzfeed basically works the same way :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

Second Life's Irreversible Downturn

In 2007, warning signs was seen of an impending major problem with the banking indistry due to unsafe mortgages starting to pile up.

In 2008... the whole system crashed.

The effects of that crash are still being felt to this day in the real world, real wages are not rising, prices of certain things are at an all time high, the banks sucked up vast amounts of tax payers money to keep them afloat, the world, in many ways, became a little bit more darker.

Everyone, everywhere felt this.  The gaming industry was hit (over 40 game design studios closed in 2008/9), the entertainment industry in general felt the hit.  However, Second Life didn't.

Folks tightened up their belts, they didn't go on those planned vacations, they cut back on the more extravagant luxuries and spent more time socializing on sites like facebook.  It was no surprise that facebooks meteoric rise to fame kicked in during 2008.  It was 2008 which made the Internet as a whole the last bastion of a "Vacation Place" for folks who tightened their belts.

2008, 2009 and 2010 seen a rise in the amount of regions being bought within Second Life, it was almost as if a second wind had caught up with SL as more and more people signed up.  The 2008 generation hit SL.  I'm one of those hundreds of thousands of people in Second Life who made their account in 2008.  Either just before, or very soon after the news of that crash became public.  I'm one of the many, who came to Second Life because real life money was becoming tight, I'm one of the many who used Second Life as my real world "Vacation Spot".

For several years, 2008 to the beginning of 2011, Second Life seen a massive rise in income.  Many people decided to buy a region, or spend small amounts of money on a regular basis in world.  It's the reason the 2008 crash never affected SL.

I want to direct people to this thread in the SL Universe Forum... http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/virtual-business/8523-new-sl-sims-past-week.html

It's a forum thread crated by Tyche Shepherd.  Tyche has been running that thread since 2008, roughly every 2 weeks a post is made showing new regions that have shown up on the grid.  Its is now into a multitude of pages but you can see the rough pattern.  From 2008 to 2010... SL was continuously growing.

From roughly the end of 2011... SL has been CONTINUOUSLY on a downturn.

What has been causing this?

Well... many things.  The main one being that the effects of the 2008 crash have started to ease.  Some folks are finding they can go on those vacations, that they can spend a little bit more on those luxuries, that they can ditch SL and go to RL stuff.  It's also got a lot to do with other sections of the SL userbase now struggling with keeping up payments on their region they got in 2008/9.  The prices of the regions in Second Life has kept at the same rate of 295 USD a month INCLUDING a 1000USD "set up fee".

This worked in 2008/9.  People at that time was willing to pay, they didn't go on vacation, they sppent more time at their home, they wanted to spend money a bit more wisely due to the economic downturn that was going on.  The downturn shattered Europe, places like Greece and Italy found themselves up to their necks in debt and the government struggled to keep above water... heck Greece is still struggling now.  The countries which rely on tourism to bring in fresh money is still suffering to this day because people are not willing to risk their safety to go on vacation to a country which may implode any day.

That's why in 2008/9 SL seen a massive boom in land sales...and that's why SL is now seeing the delayed effect of that 2008 economic crash.

If you go to about page 52 of that thread you will land in the middle of 2011.  Tracking that thread onwards from that date you will see the steady decline of 2011, turning into the full out crash which has been happening since 2012 and is continuing to this day.  Linden Lab has been continuously losing an average of 30 regions per week, consistently since the beginning of 2012.

At its peak, Linden Lab had roughly 32000 regions on the grid, a mix of Mainland, Private Estates and Homesteads.  That number is now down to roughly 26000.  That loss of 7000 regions has all happened since the back end of 2011, has continued through 2012 and is still going on now.

Second Life is now in an irreversible downturn, it will continue to be in a downturn for as long as Linden Lab continue to ignore its user base, continue to bury its head in the sand to the lack of consumer care, lack of customer support and lack of any real future plans.

Linden Lab has lost its way...actually it can be argued that they never had a path to follow from the beginning.  The Lab as a company has been blindly stumbling around for the past 10 years with no clue as to what they are doing or what they can potentially do.

I remember back when Rod Humble was made CEO of Linden Lab, I thought to myself "Now the lab will get direction".  Instead Rod Humble is the FIRST CEO of Linden Lab to oversee a continued, unhalting downturn of regions.  To give you folks a monetary value.. 7000 regions at 295 USD a month comes to a monthly loss of just over two million US dollars.

Why is Rod Humble still the CEO?  Why has Rod not taken the bull by the horn and force Linden Lab to actually do the one thing which the Lab has never been able to do for the past 10 years...


While SL has been dying, what has Rod and the hapless idiots at the Lab beein doing?  They have been making pointless mobile device games which sell for a week and then drop off into obscurity.  They have been sitting back ignoring the staggering downturn of SL as they CONTINUE to make pointless kiddy games which have shown no sign at all of actually selling for more than a month before dropping off sales charts.  They continue to ignore the SL downturn whilst trying to make a new "cash cow" for Linden Lab.

I honestly believe, and this belief was strengthened after the recent change of the TOS, I honestly believe that Linden Lab will sell off Second Life as a platform to a bigger company by the end of 2014.  I believe that the reason that Rod Humble and the Lab have not been caring about the gradual steep downturn is that they KNOW they will be selling off the platform by the end of next year.

That is the only explanation there possibly can be thjat Rod Humble has been pushing on making these other games for The Lab as an income for the eventual sell off of Second Life as a platform.  If Linden Lab actually CARED about the loss of 7000 regions, if they cared about the loss of TWO MILLION US Dollars a month, they would be doing something right now, they would have started doing something a YEAR ago...

...but they have not.

Linden Lab will sell off Second Life as a platform to another company by the end of 2014.  They are showing the signs of a company who are getting ready to sell of of the platform or at least license the whole thing off to another company.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Be vewwy vewwy qwieeeet

Folks have been wondering why I aint been posting much on the blog latley, and been quiet in SL.

It's because i was replacing an old landmark build of New Babbage.

Folks should recognize this...

...its Brunel Hall Hotel in Academy of Industry.  The building itself was getting close to 4 years old and it was starting to show it's age.

So I demolished it and started from scratch.  A purpose built hotel and restaurant... The new Brunel Hall Hotel opened last week.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Back to work...

...giving this old place a little makeover inside :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's begun...

The Doctor Who Expo (Eutopia) closes this weekend.

Now read the blog post below this one.

Next to close will be several of the smaller Dr Who based sellers, 1 TARDIS maker (at least one... maybe two) and one other sim will go...all within 6 months.

As I said in the blog below this one... now the shrinking of the community starts, it wont be a slow shrink either, it will be a drastic one.

Folks had better find a nice safe place to buy some land in and batten down the hatches, its gonna be a rough ride from here on in.  As for me, i'll be enjoying my retirement in New Babbage :)  Isn't it amazing, how quickly a community starts to unravel when there's sod all marketing going on?  No fresh blood coming in to replace the folks who are leaving or going off to other ventures in SL.  Some folks have said to me that I should keep marketing all the time to bring more people in.  I asked them a simple question...


They had no answer.  5 years is a LONG time for one person to constantly go into the Whovian chat rooms, make connections with other sites on the hush-hush and court the BBC in an attempt to get them interested.  Where is the pay off though?  Everyone else seen the benefits, apart from me.  Most of the older companies in SL seen a slow and steady rise in Linden dollar takings from the period of 2010 to 2012, all those new faces coming in from the chat rooms which i chatted in.  Only to further down the line be backstabbed by certain members of the community in an attempt to derail the marketing strategy that I forced down the community's throat in 2009.

Well guess what, i derailed it instead.

Here's a piece of advice for folks who have got most of their fingers in the Dr Who community pie.  Branch out...if you don't you will be dragged down with it to a point that when the Dr Who community in SL stabilizes within the next year and unless your a big company like Hands of Omega...you wont be able to recover.

The fact of the matter is SL is now on a nosedive.  Linden lab have been losing regions consistently by about 80 to 100 every two weeks.  They went from a max of over 32000 regions and they are now down to 26000.  The shrinking just isn't affecting the Dr Who community (although its been magnified in it) its effecting most if not ALL scfi franchises.

People wonder why I got interested in New Babbage.  Now you know.  I seen the first cracks start to appear in 2011.

Ya gotta have some place else to go if your house burns down.  I do.  The question is...

Do you?

Also, before you all start to think about piling into the steamlands of SL and building cheap crap in the hopes of making a quick buck, dont bother, you gotta be a DAMN good builder and already have a damn good reputation before the steampunk community even thinks of buying anything.  Why ya think i run an hotel and dont bother selling anything?

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Its been two months...

One of the longest breaks i've had from writing blog stuff on this blog.

So, it's been two months since my last message, which basically was all about members of the BBC looking around in SL and just seeing idiots, not so much in the Dr Who community (although they did notice a few) but from outside the Dr Who franchise in the other scifi realms.  After the two folks from BBC said "thanks... but no thanks" that was it, as far as I am concerned the Dr Who community is going to hell in a handcart.

So i jumped off that cart before it hits the brick wall, and trust me, that wall is getting closer and closer as each month passes.  The stagnation in the Dr Who community is already starting to take effect, its been two months now since all that marketing I have been doing for 4 years stopped, all at the same time.  The effects of it is now being felt, the main Dr Who group usually got about 150 new folks joining every week... its now down to less than 50.  New Babbage (because of a high proportion of landing spots for all TARDIS types) almost always gets a lot of visitors, a lot of them new folks in TARDISed they recently bought, now there's less and less new folks either in HoO or NLS consoles walking around New Babbage.  The signs are there, and if you've worked in marketing, even for a little while like i have in Activision and Interplay... you can see when the writing is on the wall, and that wall is getting closer and closer.

Does this mean that the Dr Who community is dead?  Absofrakkinlutley NOT.  What will, and to a certain extent is happening now is the shedding of dead wood.  The first to feel it will be the regions, by this time next year i predict we will be down to only two Dr Who regions in SL.  The smaller companies selling items to do with Dr Who will start to feel the pinch by January/February of next year, because Jan and Feb is the traditional months when folks don't have a lot of spare cash (due to christmas).  Next year Jan and Feb will more than likely kill off smaller Dr Who selling companies in SL as there is now realistically speaking no fresh blood coming in.  The well has essentially dried up, and that wall is getting closer as the community trundles along in the cart.

Once it does hit that wall, and the dead wood is shaken off, we will see what will remain of the actual real Dr Who community in SL.  That will give folks a new base to work on to re-market the Dr Who community, but it sure as hell wont be me.  The heady days of 2010/11 is gone, the community will revert to what it was in size during 2008/9.  A core of about 200 regulars, with 400 semi regulars.  That's not enough to keep the current amount of companies, sellers, RP groups and sims going.  It's nowhere near enough.

So, what have I been doing lately?

I retired to New Babbage.  The Steamlands has all the things the Dr Who community HAD, but the difference is, the Steamlands still has it.  A far bigger community, far more sims, ten times more RP and ten times more spenders than the Who community in SL has at the moment.  The best part is it's not just one lone person doing the main marketing, as was the case with me and the Dr Who Community.  All of the 3 major Steampunk groups with their own lands, Caledon (over 50 sims), Steelhead (6 sims) and New Babbage (8 sims) all do their own style of marketing which cross pollinates the other places.  Fresh new folks are visiting every single day, these folks wander around, rent in hotels (like mine) or even buy a plot of land.

On the building side of things Brunel Hall is currently having a mini overhaul on it's restaurant and bar side.  Since the hall climbed back up the search rankings again there has been far more visitors paying a visit to the place and to New Babbage in general, they generally walk out and have a wander around after they have finished in the restaurant.

Also, i'm back DJ'ing again.  The problems with the connection and SAM broadcaster crashing has finally stopped and i start DJ'ing at the 60's, 70's and 80's club called "Club Retro" next week.

All in all, I've been busy.  Not just busy in SL, but also busy in Star Trek Online, but thats a whole other story :)

Friday, 28 June 2013

Smell that?

The unmistakable smell of smoke.  That harsh smell that you get when ya walk past a bonfire on November 5th in the UK.

Or the smell of bridges burning...

I've spent the past hour fighting with the god awful SL groups system, removing myself as an owner of several Dr Who groups and passing ownership of one of them, the biggest of them all, over to Tristan.

Over the past week I have been fighting an uphill struggle trying to patch over the problems that have been happening in the Dr Who community.  It was no secret that in the early days of SL the BBC had an interest in it, they even had a single estate island.. which they never done anything with cause back then no one had a clue about how to do anything in Second Life.

Over the past few months there has been a growing push by the BBC to make their "online presence" felt a bit more.  BBC America is toying with the idea of setting up their own island, not in SL but on open sim, to give fans a chance to go to the BBS US site, click on some button somewhere and a client launches that drops them into the BBC America open sim.  Whether they go ahead with the idea or not is an entirely different matter

BBC here in the UK have been showing more of an interest in SL as well.  Visiting the Dr Who sims, at least the ones that are left anyway, but in the majority of the busy sims they visited, they found an underlying darker current, and that darker current has been going on for a while now...

Here's the kicker though, it wasnt as if it was ONLY the Dr Who sims that they found that dark underlying current.  Ohhhhh no, you see they also visited a few of the other major franchise based sims, Star Trek and the likes, and again, they found a separate darker undertone.  An undertone of "Doctor Who?  hah!  nothing more than a little cult show".


All through this morning I asked myself a simple question.

"Can this be salvaged?"

The conclusion I came up with is a resounding "no".

Its not just a case of the problems inherent in the community itself, its the problems outside of the community when they look towards the Dr Who community in SL and think of it as just some little cult show with a few hundred followers.  The deeper issues of a BBC trying to explain to the accountants that it would be worth their while to spend about 300USD a month in SL while all around them within SL is a bigger SciFi community throwing rocks at the glasshouse while we are all inside it.

...and THAT is something that no one can fix.

So, this morning, after wishing Lia all my best wishes and thanks for her and the team sticking around in SL, I decided to call it a day.  I would say it was someone elses problem, but that problem no longer exists.  The BBC will simply not show any interest in coming back into Second Life like they did back in the early days of the platform... due to a mix of problems from within the community, but more surprising to me from outside of the community.

As for me?  I'm retiring, to New Babbage, where all old timelords go eventually in SL.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Now it begins...

What was the point of it all?


Almost half a damn decade bringing new folks into the Doctor Who Community, at least 3 SOLID years of marketing for the Dr Who community, and for what?

For certain staff of New London to perpetuate an age old lie by Quidich Geer that DWE in the old Katrina sim and now the Eutopia sim that the DWE staff and Who Island is "Anti Furry" and anti gay.  For certain copybotting scum in the community to get away with stealing content from DWE/Katrina/Eutopia, and those same people to be welcome in organizations like the Green Lantern Core who are supposed to uphold the basic beliefs of Second Life, one of those beliefs being anti copybotting.

I have, for 4 long years, sat here and dragged the community from a few hundred to more than 10,000 active members, and all the while hounded by copybotters like Archangel, hounded by self centered ego maniacs like Kat Kassner.  Stood by and watched as Kassner, novatech and other so called "community leaders" harbored copybotting scum like Archangel.

Well... as folks say its the quiet ones who snap first, and trust me, i have been VERY quiet as Green Lantern Core took Archangel the copybotter into their wings even though the GLC KNOW he steals content.  I have been very quiet while the New London staff continue to perpetuate the continued lies which they tell against the DWE,  remaining quiet as other people undermine all the work i have done for the past 5 years in dragging this community from a few hundred into 10,000+

The rep from the BBC i mentioned before?  She wasn't alone.  Several of her comrades have been regulars in ALL of the Dr Who community regions for the past 5 months.  All of her comrades have seen the brunt of the lies and coverups of this so called community.

I handed the ownership of the Dr Who group to Tristan... i will now sit back, and watch as certain people start to reap what they have sown...

All i have done is hold back continuously.  As the former owner of the biggest group in SL for Doctor Who fans, folks like Kassner and Arch took advantage of it, Kassner giving her old excuse of "i wont take responsibility for what my staff say" and Arch using his friendships with certain people (like chesyr of novatech) to cover up the lies and deceit the two biggest of them being the REAL reason Who Island under Archies ownership failed, and Archies past and CURRENT history of copybotting.  Cheshyr going public in Novatech chat twisting what actually happened to Whi Island to make Archie look like he was without sin.

5 years...

...and for WHAT exactly?

The way i seen it, the only folks who can sort this mess out is the folks who own the franchise.  It is now in their hands.  I have walked away from this all, and i will overlook the gradual burning of the community the same way Emperor Nero looked on as Rome burned...

... and i will look forward to it.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

...and here we go again


Came back today to find that folks decided to roll back Eutopia to what it was before it was cleared out.

With any luck something will be planned out this time to make sure things are done right.  Either way its too late for me, i trashed all of the satellite stores for DWE and closed down all that outside of SL advertising.

I just really don't have the impetus for this anymore.

So much for that...

...as I sit here and watch as the Dr Who Expo is stripped down, i wonder what the point was of all that marketing and outside SL advertising i have done for the good of the "community".

DWE has "merged" with Who Island but the truth really is Who Island is basically taking over everything.  I have a series of SL interviews lined up all this summer with bloggers and SL magazines (the first of the major ones being the SL10B panel).  How can I sit there and expunge upon the "community" when, for all intents and purposes, I've basically just been handed my redundancy papers?

4 years, spent banging my head against a wall with Linden Lab to get Dr Who in that destination guide.  The two dest guide spots for Eutopia are now useless.

4 years marketing the Dr Who SL community outside of Second Life.  Ok some of those attempts was abject failures, but the few that have worked out, worked out great.  Oolon had a LOT to do with the one major one which worked... PodSHOCK.

4 years of trying to make the BBC show at least a passing interest in the SL Dr Who fanbase, which culminated last week in a member of the Roath Lock studio staff in charge of administration and online "events" (i dont know of any online "events" by the BBC) coming inworld and looking around the IFT Convention.  She has been inworld a lot visiting the various Dr Who based sims...and yes, i gave her landmarks to ALL of them, even New London cause even though i have... issues... with New London they still represent a fair sized chunk of this "community".

Every weekend, for 4 years, meeting up with Dr Who fans in several chat rooms both IRC based and Skype based, telling them of the new things happening in SL.

Honestly... how else do you all think that the Dr Who community of 4 years ago has grown from a small group of maybe 700, to a community which now spans into the thousands?  A community which is still growing even now, despite every single other scifi franchise in SL stagnating?

Today, that all stops.

I'm not angry with anyone.  I'm not angry with the former owners of Eutopia...we all know how expensive regions are in SL.  I'm not angry with Who Island for deciding to clean slate everything.

I'm angry at myself, angry at having spent 4 years of constant marketing, constantly seeing out new places to find Dr Who fans to bring them into SL, angry at not being able to see the massive brick wall that I was about to slam into.

I no longer have a Dr Who sim to call home anymore, and I no longer have any vested interest at all into marketing this community any longer.

All that time I have spent in bolstering the Dr Who community will now be spent in another place, the only place i have left which i can call a "home" in SL.

That place is New Babbage.

I hope that the remaining Dr Who community regions out there have got plans for marketing, because within a couple of months, that steady stream of new folks you have all been counting on... will dry up.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Coughton Court V3

Busy busy busy here with all the RFL stuff... but i finally managed to finish off the mesh updated version of Gabriell Riels Coughton Court!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Revisiting an old build

Way, waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy back, long before mesh came in and around the time when Brunel Hall was going through it final overhaul, i was contacted by Gabrielle Riel (of Radio Riel, and former owner of New Toulouse) to build a new version of Coughton Court, her home in SL.

This was around 2010ish i think.  Long before the 64m prim limit was introduced, back then we was all stuck with 10m prims.

Well, a few weeks ago i was contacted by Gabi to basically overhaul Coughton Court, to give the old place a makeover... so work has now commenced on basically deconstructing the old megaprim build and give the whole place an overhaul to drag it into 2013...

The old Coughton Court build...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

DJ'ing in SL

I have started an inworld group for folks to join to know when and where I am DJ;ing, if you show up to one of my sets PM me for an invite to it, as for this current time here is my DJ schedule...

Monday 10am: BAD - 80's and 90's

Wednesday 4pm: Dizzy Lizzys - Vintage Big Band & Swing

Thursday  2pm: Club Torii - Classic Rock n Roll

Friday  2pm: BAD - 80's and 90's

Sunday 12noon: BAD - 80's and 90's

First Thu of the month @ 5pm - Radio Riel "The Million Sellers"

Every 2nd Friday: 5pm - Brunel Hall - Morningtons Musical Mystery Tour

I got the job at BAD 80's and 90's only very recently, its part of the much bigger Ambrosia Entertainment Group and is one of 4 major clubs under that group on the grid.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Revamped Type 42

It's been a long while since i sat down and done a complete modded console from scratch.  Since i have a bit of spare time now with OBR finished and the first of the Relay for Life building not due for a couple of weeks, i thought i'd give my main console and major overhaul...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

What IS it with some people?

So, some of you may know that i took part in the One Billion Rising event in Second Life.

I basically built that big stage folks danced on, spending a week basically living in those 4 regions, everything else, my admin duties in New Babbage, the stuff i do in the Dr Who community...was put on hold.  The event had over a hundred volunteers, from DJ's, to staff, from exhibitors setting up art to greeters, the list went on.

We all volunteered our time and effort into bringing an event into Second Life which would raise awareness into one subject.  The statistic of ONE BILLION women and female children who are physically abused around the world.

It is a staggering statistic, one seventh of the current world population of just over 7 billion.  One seventh of the entire population of the world.

The event didnt ask for money, we had no donation kiosks, all we asked is for folks to come over and simply spend a little time...and a lot of folks did...a LOT of folks.

However...there is always the detractors.

Hamlet The Has-Been, never missing a chance to look at the tiny could inside the big silver lining made a blog post about the "controversy" surrounding OBR and linked to two posts by two bloggers whom i never heard of...




According to the above, everyone involved in organizing OBF has wasted their time with a meaningless event in SL because we didn't lobby in the real world.  We are also elitist, we are pedantic middle class people... the list goes on, its a fun and interesting read from two separate bloggers who seem to think its ok for them to cast their eyes on an event and shake their heads in disapproval.

Both of these bloggers then make it a point in their two separate blog posts to post a little about the hardships they have faced in real life...i will do the same for them...

I am 37 years old, a cancer survivor, near housebound due to the effects that cancer had on my spine.  I also suffer from Fuchs Dystrophy which renders me near blind every two years.  At the end of that two year cycle i need to go to hospital and literally have both my eyes...peeled...for want of a better word to get back 80% of my vision.  I rarely go outside... rarely.  Next month i have to have all my teeth removed, bottom and upper set due to the dentist and doctor both informing me that if i don't then further complications of a genetic quirk in my family will arise.  I spend most of my days in pain, which i fully admit is very manageable with copious amounts of Tramadol which is a non addictive morphine derivative.

Now, the general theme of these two bloggers is that i wasted my time.  I didn't go out there in the real world and go to my MP's, i didn't go out there and do face to face consultations with groups of people to organize a real world political lobby.  I wasted my time because i spent all my time in SL to volunteer for this.  Even though im housebound, disabled and basically not very weel, these two bloggers seem to think they can cast aspersions on me and my life and shake their head disapprovingly at me.

To me and to everyone who attended the event we al feel it was a big success, it brought awareness to a staggering statistic which very few people WITHIN SECOND LIFE knew about.  I capitalized the "within second life" part for a reason.  That is why OBR was done here, in Second Life, that was the entire point of doing here, in Second Life, to raise awareness.

I feel sorry for the two bloggers above, who are not only unable to see the bigger picture, but are more than willing to cast aspersions on the multitude of disabled people, like me, who took part in the event simply because they are inable to take part in any form of real world events.

I wonder if the two bloggers above will also deem my being in the Relay For Life of Second Life 2013 Comittee as being "meaningless" simply because i cant go outside and take part in "real life" events?

Makes you wonder doesn't it?


I'm adding a small point here for the followers of Whiskey and Chesnuts blog who will no doubt end up here.

I am a nobody in Second Life, i have this blog which gets a handfull of visitors a day, I am an average DJ with a very small following, i don't own any sims, don't run any fashion blogs, don't run any SL TV shows.  The only claim to fame I have is having two of my builds in the destination guide.  Yet Whiskey and Chesnut are apparently very well known in SL.  BOTH of them have a large amount of followers and fans, yet BOTH of them feel the need to go on the attack for the likes of me, the little guy?

Who is the elitists that Winter and Chesnut was both referring to?

It seems to me that both of them are USING their OWN high status to force a message across, little realizing they are trampling all over the "little guy" which both of them proclaim to be.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I was checking out search and came across this...


Yes, its a group founded by our good friend Archie...


Sunday, 20 January 2013

One Billion Rising


On February 14, 2013, for 24 hours starting at midnight Pacific Standard Time, Second Life residents will join with activists around the world in a spectacular 24-hour dance event for ONE BILLION RISING, the largest day of action in the history of V-Day, the global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.

ONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. On February 14, 2013, men and women in Second Life will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, and people across the world to Walk, Dance, and Rise as a show of unity, individual strength, and the need for change.

The Second Life event will feature a four-region stage where 200 people can dance together, surrounded by an area of art installations and informational exhibits. A variety of performers will play over the 24-hour period, enabling people all over the world to attend this virtual event no matter their timezone. The regions will have a General maturity rating to allow all residents an opportunity to participate. Pictures are welcome on the event's Flickr group.

The objective of the event is to raise awareness, not to raise funds; however, information about real-world organisations will be available for those wishing to donate.

One Billion Rising in Second Life is sponsored by: Alchemy Immortalis; Bits and Bobs Animations; Cheeky Pea; The Domineaux Effect; Dutchie; Galland Homes; Garden of Dreams; Gos Boutique; Gwen Carillon Designs/Serenite; Heart Garden Centre; Kaerri; MadPea; Maven Homes; Meshworx; Prime; and Spargel and Shine. In-kind sponsors are: CaLLie CLine; Fruit Islands; KittyCatS!; L'Aize Days; and Prim Perfect Publications.

For more information:

Our blog: http://onebillionrisingsl.wordpress.com/
Our webpage at One Billion Rising: http://onebillionrising.org/page/event/detail/startarising/wd8
Our Second Life Group: One Billion Rising
Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Billion-Rising/493344827375934?ref=hl
Our Twitter Stream: https://twitter.com/OBRinSL
Our Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/2169739@N23/

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About One Billion Rising
For more information go to http://www.onebillionrising.org/.

About V-Day

For more information go to http://www.vday.org/.


...I'm the one whos building the 4 sim corner Dance Stage :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

New RP TARDIS Desintations...

An overhaul of the Roleplay destinations and destination for other TARDIS system landers which i have rezzed out has been finished.  Several new locations for Hands of Omega including Europa Wulfenbach, New Toulouse and Marikesh Mondrago.  Who Island Timeline Systems and Vortech have been added to ALL of the original and new HoO RP destinations I have down.

I have also readded the T60 NLS landers to these roleplay destinations, having removed them at the request of some sim admins due to griefing problems with a very small minority of those users, luckily though those users ended up getting banned from SL.  It now means that ALL of the major TARDIS systems are sharing the vast majority of the main RP destinations which HoO have had via me for the past 2 years.  These places include New Babbage, Steelhead, New Toulouse, Marikesh Mondrago, Babylon 5, Europa Wulfenbach and half a dozen others, in effect doubling the RP destinations of some of those TARDIS companys.  However Hands of Omega still took priority on some destinations who wanted only one single lander, and those destinations are HoO exclusive and will remain so.

For WITS Users, go to the main WITS store in Who Island and grab a copy of the Disk Repository, all of the new destinations are in there.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Babbage Art Gallery

So last week i closed down the business i had been running for the past three years, Mornington Photography.

I had been in the SL profile business for a while and for the past year and a half i've watched as the photography and profile picture businesses in Second Life collapsed.  As more and more people get more up to date computers which are able to do DoF and windlight, less and less people need folks like me, who have good computers, to make their profile image.

Yesterday was the opening party for the new venture in the old Fullarton House in Clockhaven.

The New Babbage Gallery of Art, featuring images from residents of the city or visitors which feature the builds or people of New Babbage


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Theres restaurants...

...and then there's Brunel Hall.

Thats the quote today from someone who popped into Muirsheen Durkin restaurant which is in Brunel Hall.  She popped in with her hubby as they had been celebrating their 2nd SL wedding anniversary.  They had been to 3 other restaurants before Brunel Hall.  One of them turned them down because they had to "book".  One of them wanted to charge them 400L to join a group just to get onto the land and the other "looked like it was made in 2006" as the male avatar said to me when he teleported in.

The mesh overhaul and redress of the inside is almost complete, with the new conservatory and redone sauna finished.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 - The Year The Sculpts Died

If 2012 was the year of MEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH.... *coughs*... then 2013 will ultimatley prove to be the Year The Sculpts Died.

When i say "die" i dont mean totally wiped out, but it almost will be.  As some of you know, Brunel Hall Hotel which is what I am spending most of my time on thesedays has seen a second full overhaul of the inside.  The outside is already all mesh, the inside of the hotel, the furniture, tables, restaurant settings, picture frames and most of the detailing is already being transfered to mesh equivalents.

Brunel Hall is a featured destination guide, its been in several SL magazines, and recently featured in Prim Perfect's (Saffia Widdershins and Designing Worlds) December Edition and this month will be featured in the main Mesh Studio builder blog showcase.  It was, and still is, the largest building in New Babbage (land based), the largest hotel in the steamlands and when it comes to restaurants is starting to make a few waves in the restaurant businesses of Second Life...

...but it was a lag inducing monster....

It wasn't server side lag, for its size Brunel Hall has very little script time, its usually the dance ball which makes up most of its script time...no, it was the sculpties.  Before the building itself was overhauled to mesh most of that timber work was done in sculpts.  The vast bulk of the 1800 prims used for the furnishings inside (yes, just under 2k prims just for furniture....damn) was also all sculpties.

In January of 2012...one year ago, i could walk into Brunel Hall and my framerate with a draw distance of 256 would remain at about 23fps.  Then the main viewer started to get upgraded, and those upgrades carried into Firestorm.  Thats when things started to change.  Summer of last year seen the rise of mesh on the grid, and something changed in the way that the main LL viewer and then subsequently all TPV viewers rendered the world.  I would walk into Brunel Hall which was predominantley made of sculpts...and the framerate would tank...about 5 to 6 FPS.

Nothing inside the hotel changed, nothing on the PC changed.  What did change was the viewer.

Summer of last year, Brunel Hall, the entire building, was transformed to a full mesh build, my framerate rose to about 15fps.

Over the past week and a half i have replaced the vast majority of old sculpted furniture, sculpted decor and sculpted detailing of the inside of the hotel to mesh equivalents...my framerate is now back to 25fps.

The lab has changed something with the way sculpts are rendered in the opengl calls of the viewer.  You wont notice it on avatars wearing bits of sculpts for their clothing and shoes, but when you walk into a large building that has a lot of sculpts, the impact is there, its can be seen, by the tanking of framerates.  The mesh overhaul of over 90% of the internals of Brunel has caused the viewer side "lag" to all but vanish, things load a LOT quicker now too.

With server side baking of clothing and skins coming within the next few months, and the finishing of "Project Shining" which is the overhaul of the LL viewer graphics rendering, i think the days of large builds being mostly sculpted outside, and sculpted furnishings inside...are coming to a close, especially if viewer framerates continue to tank the way they did with me.