Wednesday, 28 November 2012

SL Avi Choice Awards

So, ive basically just found out that i have been nominated for the Best DJ catagory for the 2012 SL Avi Choice Awards :o

Link is above if ya wanna vote :D  Also, theres a whole bunch of great content makers up for voting in the other categories, have a look around and vote for the ones ya like!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Final Thoughts on IFT

So as a lot of you now know the SciFi Faire which ended recently will be my last time heading up the Dr Who Expo, group and community for a while in those faires.  Nodster will be taking over that role and also taking over for the planning of the Dr Who RFL Team for next year.

The reason im backing away from both the captaincy of the RFL Dr Who Team and the IFT faires is because next year for Relay for Life 2013 i'll actually be on the RFL Committee, heading up one of the RFL comittee teams.  The Relay for Life 24 hour track event takes place about two weeks after the main IFT SciFi Convention (the big 6 sim one) its too close to the RFL track event on the 40+ sims plus for about 2 or 3 months before that main RFL track event i'll be busy with RFL full time anyway.

So Nodster takes over the running of the Dr Who booths at the faire and also leads the Dr Who RFL Team into it's third year as a team.  While i move on to the planning groups of Relay for Life itself.

As for this years was busy, no getting around that.  Compared to previous faires this one was one of the best, steady foot traffic, good staff but as i said at the end meeting of the faire there is still some niggling problems.  One of those problems have plagued the faires and conventions since they began, the complete lack of marketing.  Hardly anyone i talked to in New Babbage or outside of the SciFi community even knew the faire was on.  Thats something the folks who will be running the faire and convention next year needs to work on.

There was also a air of seperatism going on, which has been getting worse and worse over the past few years.  Other Sci Fi groups pop in, build their booth, and then dont leave it, they sit there for an entire week at their booth never visiting anyone else, rarley saying hello and to be honest i bet half of them was actually bots, placed there to make it look like their scifi group was more busy than anyone elses.  Well it didn't, it made them look like a bunch of anti social roleplayers to a lot of other folks...thats something else which needs to be addressed by whoever is running the faire and convention next year.

All in all though, it was a fun time.  The Dr Who Expo was the first of the dr who regions to take part in the conventions and faires, now all the other dr who content producers and sims take part in it.  However the amount of actual "new" people looking at these conventions and faires is flat lining, again, its down to one knows these events are actually going on.