Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dr Who Expo and HoO @ SL SciFi Convention!

The IFT SL SciFi Convention is a convention in SL which pops up early summer of the year. The Dr Who Expo, Hands of Omega, Who Island, Paradox Island, Olyesti and a whole host of Dr Who content producers are in it this year as always!

The DWE & HoO Booth


Novelli Noir and Paradox Island


This link will drop you at the DWE & HoO booth -

Also, for folks on a Hands of Omega console, the 4 main booth sims have a HoO landing rezzer in the middle, look for IFT SciFi Convention on the list!

See ya all here!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A sneek peek at the mesh Dalek avatars...

Monday, 18 June 2012

...and so it begins...Event 1: SL9B

The first of the 3 major events the Dr Who Group and community is taking part in this summer if about to kick off.

The Second Life 9th Birthday celebration (SL9B) is a bunch of regions all joined up around a central massive birthday cake.  The Dr Who Group has a booth there representing Katrina and HoO.  The first of the major Dr Who regions to lay down a build at one of these yearly SL Birthday events.

Due to the birthday theme and the theme of "community" the booth is not only representing Katrina and HoO, its also representing the main Dr Who Group, New Gally, Who Island, Olyesti and Paradox Island.  Paradox Island has their own booth under Novelli Systems at the SL9B as well, you can check the Dr Who Group notices for the location of their booth.

Also, this coming Sunday at 10pm I will be the final DJ for SL9B, bringing a weeks worth of entertainment and celebrations to a close for this year.

You can find us also on the HoO database under DrWho - SL9B

The regions open to the public at 11am SLT on Monday 18th (today).

Who?  The Vortexial Exhibit for SL9B is also now on the SL Destination Guide:

Novelli/Paradox Island Booth: 

Listed as DrWho - SL9B on the Hands of Omega Social catagory

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Parties and stuff!

The next 4 weeks is going to be Ainsley busy for events.  We have SL9B coming up, and then the IFT SciFi Convention and finally the main Relay for Life track event.

Here's the dates...

Second Life 9th Birthday Celebration.  June 18th till June 27th.

The Doctor Who Group covering Eutopia, Lewisonia, New Gallifrey, Who Island and Olyesti has a display booth.  Nothing mahjor, but it is the first time the Dr Who community has had a full booth in an SL9B event.  It's also been confirmed that I will be one of the final DJ's closing the entire 15 region event on Sunday.  There will also be a Doctor Who discussion panel hosted by Saffia Widdershins on the 22nd with guests still to be worked out (one of them is Sen from HoO).

IFT 5th Second Life SciFi Convention. June 27th till July 1st

When SL9B officially closes, the IFT SciFi Convention officially opens.  We've all been to the previous ones, its the same thing, 6 regions filled with scifi booths and scifi based roleplay groups within Second Life.  I will be hosting a discussion panel on Doctor Who/Timelord Roleplay within SL.  The usual folks will be there, Who Island, DWE, HoO, Novelli and a whole host of other Doctor Who based groups and content creators.

Relay for Life of Second Life: 2012 Track Event.  July 14th and 15th

If there is one event this year you cannot miss, its this one.  The Relay for Life of Second Life season opens in March and ends with the main track event.  40 regions...yes...40 regions...all in a massive loop with a track running down the middle of it.  All of the teams involved in fundraising for RFL this year has a campsite at the side of that track, including The Doctor Who Fans in SL team.  The track event signals the official end of the 2012 RFL season and hosts a multitude of fundraising events, ceremony's and parties all intended to raise that last bit of money before the 2012 RFL season closes.

Thats basically it event almost rolls into another event and the whole think kicks off with SL9B on June 18th.

Mark them down in your calendars folks!

Landmarks to the various events will be given out closer to the date of that particular event opening.

SL is now a non paying job...

I think it happened round about the time I took over as an owner of the main Doctor Who group around 2 and a half years ago now.  Before that, I had fun.

I've been in SL for about 4 years now.  I remember the first 2ish years...days spent messing around in Club Rockaway (which is now closed) or spent in my first, original massive TARDIS in the old sim of Nassau Shores.  Days spent

The Doctor Who community about 3 years ago was a confusing mess.  No central group or location.  The Doctor Who group fixed that, and getting what was Katrina, and now Europa to the top of the search results fixed that as well.  All the while, things started creeping up on me, more work, piled on more work.  More money being spent...a LOT more than I should have been spending.

The move to the new house in April has shifted my budget considerably.  Before the move things ticked over niceley.  Now, after the move, with RFL, and SL9B and the IFT Sci-Fi Convention all steamrolling into the same two months, and the offset of a lack of money, have dug me into a small pit.

I spend about 10 to 11 hours a day in Second Life.  Out of those hours i'm guessing that around 1 hour of my own.  The other 9 or 10 is spent

...and for what?

I'm looking at my bank account right now.  I'm a smoker, not a heavy one, only about 10 a day.  I don't even have enough money for smokes until next week.

10 to 11 hours a day, spending more money than i should be spending.  It finally hit home today when I looked at Brunel Hall.  The hall was set up to pay for about just over half of it's own tier...which is does, that plan worked.  The next plan was to set up Foot Tappin Friday as a permanent weekly event in Brunel.  The tips from those weekly events would make up even more money.  Except it didnt happen that way.  I found myself  'too busy with other stuff' to do a weekly show so I had to take it in turns with Blackberry.  Either stuff to do with the Dr Who community or the marketing of it.  Before the move...i could take the hit.

Not now though.

I realised about 4 hours ago that the way things are right now, if it continued I would end up losing the hotel by the end of summer.

10 to 11 hours a day...with the bulk of it spent helping OTHER people benefit while I just keep throwing more and more money at things in SL, and spend more and more time 'working'...but for what exactly?

Everyone else benefits...but me.

Now i need to go for a week without smokes and have the real problem of losing the only place i can still actually have a break at...Brunel Hall?  I do NOT think so...


Since I'm gonna be forced to give up smoking (hey does that count as a benefit you ask?  ask that again when i try and tear yer head off in three days...) I may as well change a few other things with my 'Second Life'.

It's time i made time...for myself.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Million Sellers

I have a new show airing on Radio Riel this Thursday and the first Thursday of every month! :D

More info about it can be found here....

Sunday, 3 June 2012

First of the land cutbacks

So i had to get rid of my little cabin in Steelhead St Helens :(

I also stopped renting out one of the larger stores we had as a satellite store for the Dr Who Expo, it wasn't making any sales now anyway. 

Things aint "bad" but they aint good either.  Already had to sell off my mainland plot, had to do that a while ago though :(

Friday, 1 June 2012

Citadel II

Presenting the new home for the Cardinal College of House Cerulean... Citadel II.  The lost Citadel of Solitude.