Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dr Who Expo Reopening Party!

Now that most of the ground builds are in place I think it's time we had...


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

On the RP side of things...

Folks who are following the Zenobia Station RP blog of mine might wanna unfollow it and head on over to the next chapter of the Cardinal College of House Cerulean story...

Monday, 28 May 2012

What might be coming soon

Back in late 2007 going into 2008, what was the Doctor Who Experience & Cardiff was the first region to build a half sim sized Gallifrey Citadel...the seat of power of the Time Lords.

The build was pulled down in early 2011 as it was getting old and starting to show signs of age. There was plans to bring it back as a mesh build but with the new Kronopolis build the Citadel plans was shelved....until now...

The black dot you see on the lower edge of the picture is me.

The new Citadel will be near full sim sized, the ultimate plan is to move everything inside Zenobia Station up into the Citadel which means this Citadel will be fully immersive, with rooms, main console, Eye of Harmony...the works.

It all depends on the scaling of the buildings inside the dome however.

Updates on the build will be posted here :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Dr Who Expo has moved!

First of all, no we have NOT closed and left Second Life!

For almost 5 years the expo and before it the Dr Who Experience & Cardiff was on the region of Katrina. Late in the morning of the 21st we got word from the land business that we rented Katrina from that they are leaving Second Life.

Instead of buying Katrina we decided to rent on a new region instead, Eutopia. Its the sim thats close to the region that the Teen Expo is on.

Here is the new location for the Dr Who Expo & Kronopolis...

Theres still a lot of work to be done on the ground, and the mall renters have still to move in. There will be a few changes as well, notably the museum will be merged with Zenobia Station over the next couple of days, but for the most part, its still the same old Dr Who Expo.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Podshock and The Mod Job II Competition

Hello folks! Time for a little bit of info on two things for two different parts of the community inside and outside of Second Life.

First of all, for the folks within Second Life who are from the Relay for Life teams who may be attending the event. The biggest question ive heard is "what is podshock?". Doctor Who: Podshock is the oldest continual podcast dedicated to Doctor Who, they can be found here....

...they have a MASSIVE listnership, interviews with the cast and production team of Doctor Who past and present and regular features on their podcast. Back in early 2006 the very first Podshock inworld party was organised in the old "Land of Who" region of Second Life. The new format of the inworld meetings takes place in two regions, Katrina and later on in the evening at Who Island. It's a chance for listners of Podshock to get together in one place and have a chat with fellow Doctor Who fans inworld and of course have a listen to the great music of Mr Edward Pearse, one of the presenters at Radio Riel and regular DJ at the City State of New Babbage.

The podshock events are seasonal, and this time for this season we are making the event an RFL one, this leads on to the next question..."what is RFL?"

RFL stands of "Relay For Life". Folks in and out of SL must have heard of Relay for Life on the news or the local papers. The American Cancer Society has land in Second Life, just a single region, but every year the same relay events you see happening in the real world, take place in the virtual world of Second Life. A lot of money has been raised in the past Relay seasons in Second Life, hundreds of thousands of US dollars every year. The Doctor Who Fans in Second Life is just one of these relay teams within Second Life doing everything we can to aid and support the cause of fighting cancer.

On May the 19th, for the first time, a podshock event will be rolled into a fundraising event for Relay for Life of Second Life. To do this, one of the most popular competitions of previous Podshock inworld events is being brought back...The TARDIS Mod Job Competition.

Many people in the relay groups of Second Life would not have had a chance to see what an actual TARDIS looks like in SL...and im not talking about the blue police box, im taking the INSIDE...the actual is your chance.

On May 19th, volunteers will be opening their TARDIS homes up to the public, to take part in the Podshock Mod Job II competition and YOU will be able to have your say on the winners. Next to each "exterior" there will be a donation box, you simply donate to that donation box to voice which TARDIS home you think is the best. The top 3 TARDIS homes which have been donated to will be added to the official judge's votes as well!

There are more details on Mod Job II on the blog post below this one! For more details about the event please contact Victor1st Mornington.

Monday, 14 May 2012

PodShock: Mod Job II

Some folks may remember the last Mod Job competition that was held during a Podshock event...the result of that was the Dharma console, recently released by Hands of Omega.

For the May Podshock meet up the Mod Job is back, and this time its rolled into an RFL fund raising event as well. For this years Mod Job i decided to make life a little more easier when it comes to who, and what you can enter.

This year there is 3 categories instead of the 4 from last year, the catagories are...

A full complete build is a TARDIS console built by you, and your friends. When i say "built by you and your friends" i mean 100% of the console and console room must have been constructed by you, or your friends...FROM SCRATCH.

Now we come to the Modded build categories. This is where the contest rules have changed from last time....the prim count is for the console and console room ONLY. It does not include any of your added rooms. This Mod Job contest like the last one is going to be judged on the console and console room, any added rooms which make up your TARDIS complex will not be part of the judging.

MODDED BUILD - 950 Prims or above
MODDED BUILD - 949 Prims or below

Thats it, two more simple categories for the modded build and remember, the prim count is for the console, and console room ONLY...and NOT for your entire build.

Modded builds are just what it means, you take an existing console, and modify it. Consoles applicable to be entered for the mod job is opened up further this year to include any console maker with a shop in the Katrina mall. A modded build also means you must have modified the actual build you rezzed out, not just rezzed some chairs and put some pictures up, the actual structure of the original console must have changed in some way.

There are 4 judges for this Mod Job. The public will get a vote in this Mod Job, which ties in with Relay for Life. If you enter the competition you will land an exterior in the Katrina sim, next to your exterior will be an official Relay for Life donation kiosk. The 3 consoles which gets the most donations will be the top 3 of the publics vote and will count in the final tally of the scoring. The other 3 judges will be Sen Pixie (of Hands of Omega, Louis Trapani (the host of Podshock, and one other person still to be picked.

Thats it, the rules and categories are a lot more easier to follow this time around. If you want to enter Mod Job 2012, send your SL name, the location of your TARDIS console and how many prims your TARDIS console and room is to Victor1st Mornington. Please make sure your application arrives on or before MAY 18th.

Once you land your console in Katrina...please remember to LOCK your controls so no one will be able to take off. Please be advised that if you do enter, your console will be landed in Katrina for AT LEAST 5 hours.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

201k Lindens Raised!

Last night the Dr Who RFL Team hosted the first Dr Who RFL Auction. The folks who attended raised a staggering 201,000 lindens! O.o At current exchange rate, thats over 800US Dollars in less than 2 hours.

A massive thanks to everyone who attended, and a bigger thans to the staff of Who Island and Katrina who went along with the fun along with the regular's what happened at the end...

Ezy McAlpine has to wear a My Little Pony avatar for a week and his display name is now "Pony Boy"

Marinedalek Tomorrow is now known as Mreeny Poopypants for a week

Victor1st Mornington has to wear the freebie "tennoob" avatar for a week and has name changed to "David Tennant Fangirl" for a week.

Nodster Tardis has to wear a dress for a week and has namechanged to Dorothy Ginger for a week.

Tristan Avedon, owner of Who Island is now known as "Barbie" for a week.

Morphed Carter has to wear the "tennoob" freebie avatar for...A MONTH...and is now known as "Not Norweigan" for a week.

Thats just the casualties of the staff...rofl. Rel, Rowan, Mato, Kealani, Zaros and others all volunteered for the "special" auction we had at the end.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Since theres been a few requests from folks wanting to buy some of the buildings i've made...i thought I'd open up a store on the marketplace :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May - The Event Month

It seems that thing have slotted together perfectly for the month of may...some details are still being sorted out but this is what it looks like...

May 5th - The Dr Who fans in SL booth at the Relay for Life may festival

May 12th - The Dr Who fans in SL RFL auction

May 19th - Doctor Who: PODSHOCK! Season meetup and The ModJob 2 RFL competition

yup, gonna be an interesting month!

Viewer to Flickr test

A quick test of the firestorm snapshot to flickr thingy...move along now,
nothing to see here!

Want to try out Second Life for yourself? Sign up at

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Piermont Landing


While the Emerald Ball was going on, i decided to try and video at least some of the dance, i dont think an actual event has been recorded at Piermont, so this is probably the first...

Also snapped off a few pics of Piermont before the party started...

Also, some folks in New Babbage and in the Dr Who group has been asking me what kinda system I have thats able to take a video of a packed party (50+ people attending) with virtually no camera stutter and windlight on full.  The system itself isnt really a top end one...

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair Formula IV
Memory: GSkill DDR3 8GB
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 460GTX (version 1 with 1gb of built in RAM)
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 (quad core)

All in all the system costed me about £500 when i bought it after the old one gave up on me last year.  The video was encoded using Adobe Premier CS 5.5 while I was still in the party, which is why it was released soon after the party ended.

Holo...little Holo

Ya know it amazes me...Holocluck Henly is a bigger spin doctor than all of the 90's New Labour Party put together.

I aint payed attention to the copybot supporting little guy since his post about New Babbage supporting "Bestiality" (yeah, thats a good one folks, read through the archives of this blog to find the screenshot of his original post), little copybot supporter then started whining on his blog about why folks in NB started banning him from their parcel...uhhhhhhhhh HELLO?! Ya just called them all bestiality fans?

Holo...little Holo, always trying to grab attention for yourself, while you jump up and down crying in your blog about all the injustices, maybe you should think back to that time Archangel was caught copybotting the Katrina sim Daleks...and you supported him.

He's still at it ya know, I ain't visited his blog for weeks...went there today and about 3/4ths of his posts are harping on about something to do with me.  Heck he was even getting the boot into me when i wasn't even online!  I was offline for an entire month (march) and he was driveling on and on about RFL...while i wasn't even here...well, i suppose talking about someone when they ain't even here to defend themselves is something that a coward is good at, Holo would know all about that.

Keep it up Holo...yer driving more search traffic via google into my old blog here, and of course as people read through the archives to see how much of a "bad" person I am, they will come across the original post from me, about you...ya sweet little content theft supporter you!