Monday, 30 April 2012

RFL Top DJ Competition

Was in the top 4 since last week...and its the top 4 that get into the semi final.

Today was the last heat, and in the last heat the last DJ knocked me into 5th.  Kinda figured it was over when her friends started asking in chat how much it was to get her into 4th place.

Invites sent to 3 different communities, the main Dr Who group, Steelhead and New Babbage.  In the heat I was in i got knocked from 3rd to 4th.

ahh well...

Does kinda make me wonder about that Dr Who group though.  It was the Steamlanders that got me into that 3rd then 4th spot, from the crowd that was at my heat I only recognized about 3 people from the Dr Who community, 3...out of all those folks in that group.


Yeah sure, the top DJ competition is for RFL, it all goes to a great cause, but i don't ask for much in SL...hell i was looking forward to that semi final.  A bit of support from the community I grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hauled up to 4000 members would have been nice.

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Cult of Thumper


Everyone knows that little bunny that sits on my shoulder all the time.  He's the only part of the original 2008 avatar i have left, everything else changed around him.

Apparently, Thumper has become so famous, he has his own cult now...


I smell Blinky alts on this one :p

RFLofSL Event:Dr Who Team Auction

The date is set....

RFLofSL Event:Dr Who Team Auction

Thursday 26th of April 2012

Mark this date in your mind SL's the day The Grid fell apart.

From 7:20am PDT all the way up to and beyond 5:18pm PDT there was one post, after another, after another on the SL Grid Status page spreading doom and gloom about the state of the SL service...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear....

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Past...

A lot of folks in New Babbage and the Dr Who community know that i like to have a clean inventory, in 4 years of SL it has never went over 14k, it usually sits around 12k.

Tonight i was going though the bottom end of the "Objects" folder taking a look at some of the oldest stuff i have in my inventory and i came across a combined object set.  It was a set of scripted picture frames dating back to 2008...long before i moved into New Babbage and a short time before i became involved with the Katrina sim.

This is more than likley the first pic i ever took, the old entrance hall to the Isle of Wyrms.

Snapshot of my first home, a skybox (modded by me) up in the skies of the old Nassau Shores sim

This is what that first house ended up looking like at the end, just before i deleted the lot and started again.

The second house, and the first one built by me.  It was February 2009.

The third a few short months this would become the infamous Altera TARDIS, the first full Hands of Omega set up which had the rooms, corridors and consoles all packed into Horizons as shells or rooms...a full 3 years before it became standard.

Me...round about March 2009, with Desiree, one of my neighbours in the sim :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

What the o.O

So as folks know I've recently moved to a new house, when i say new, i, this thing has just been built.

I'll explain a bit here for the folks outside of the UK who wonder how i managed to pay for a new house being built...I didnt.  The bulk of housing stock in the UK (more especially for Scotland) is owned by local "councils".  The local council is a branch of the elected Government of the UK.  Like the local senators etc etc in the US for instance.  The local council oversee the housing stock of the area.  The big difference between the UK and most other countries is houses are government owned, about 80% of them to be exact.

These homes are rented out to the tenants at a monthly or fortnightly payment rate.  No middle men, no landlords, no private landlords (although some do exist in bigger cities), nothing like that, the money goes straight to the local councils.


...the old house i was in was part of the "old town" area.  Built during the first expansion out of the main centre of town, 10 streets, covering an aera of about 2 square miles with old parkland and more importantly, pre World War II housing.  The houses was solidly built, but they was starting to show their age.

So, the local council decided to demolish them ALL, about 350 homes being demolished and replaced with modern semi detached up and down stairs housing with gardens and all that stuff.

With modern homes, comes modern insulation, which the old house lacked...

I left my PC on overnight crunching numbers for Seti@Home on BOINC.  I woke up this morning gasping for breath with the sweat pouring out of me, the PC had managed to heat up my bedroom to about 30c o.O

I'm gonna have to watch the temps when running Seti...or just leave the window open at night O.O

Is your friend an SL greifer?

He or she might be according to the owner and creator of VooDoo...

As I said in a post a few down from this one, the owner of the VooDoo system has added all the names on that webpage, some of them well known builders, sim owners, event organizers and DJ's into a database automatically because they are in groups that Monkey thinks are "greifer groups".

Are you in there?  Is your friend on there? 

Help > Report Abuse > Defamation of individuals or Groups

...and the residents name to abuse report is Monkey Wonder.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Foot Tappin RFL Pool Party

This coming friday (April 20th) the usual Foot Tappin Friday events in Brunel Hall will start to be turned over for fundraising for the New Babbage Relay for Life team!

The Dr Who Fans in SL team (which im the captain of) will start the kickoff of regular RFL events very, very soon.  For now though for the folks that like to appear at my DJ sets the pool party at Brunel Hall Hotel this Friday will be the place to drop in at :)

Friday 20th at 5pm SLT at Brunel Hall Hotel!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Muirsheen Durkin

New candelabras installed in the Brunel Hall Hotel bar, they made a big difference on the lighting when Lighting and Shadows and Ambient Occlusion is on...

VooDoo? Can't Do...

I'm a member of the Green Zone group in SL. Have been since the RedZone debacle.  Remember RedZone?  Its was that security thing that tracked and stored the IP address of everyone in SL.  The Lab finally got rid of the thing last year.


Monkey Wonder, owner of the VooDoo Sploder system sent out this notecard to evewry single member of the Green Zone group...and theres a lot of them...

Dear Greenzone griefing group member,

Following mass defamation, griefing, propoganda, scamming and false abuse reports initiated by members of Greenzone griefing group recently on a scale never before seen in SL, Voodoo has taken the decision to protect our customers and other residents of Second Life from your activities.

Greenzone once had a legitimate purpose in Second Life, protecting the privacy of residents from systems such as Red Zone.
Red Zone is long gone, and Greenzone now operates more like the Anonymous hacking collective. The moderators have lost control, and the group is now a leaderless organisation that anyone with a grudge can join to attack others in the name of Greenzone.

Voodoo produces an extremely popular free Sploder tracking HUD which is owned by thousands and used everyday by many people, we have a user base of over 40,000 avatars. The next version of these HUDs, to be released imminently, will announce any nearby Greenzone griefers in local chat by name, along with any land owned by these griefers and any objects created by them. We believe your creations and land are not safe as you are a member of a group well known for griefing.

We do however understand that there is a minority of legitimate business owners currently in the griefing group, who joined long before Greenzone was hijacked by trouble makers. Due to this, we are allowing 12 hours for you to leave the group and avoid any damage to your business.

Voodoo has been at the forefront of SL security for many years and we take it and peoples privacy very seriously.
We do not wish to become ememies of any group, but we simply cannot tolerate people who choose to attack or scam others.

Thank you for your understanding and please make the right decision.

Monkey Wonder
Owner of Voodoo SL





I passed the notecard to a couple of folks i know who are alts of LL employees, they simply said to Abuse Report him under Harassment > Defamation of Groups or Individuals and then the lab will deal with it.

The members of Green Zone itself are from a wide slice of SL, a lot of well known business owners, and then theirs folks like myself, who dont own a business, but do co-own a sim which is in the destination guide (twice) and am on speaking terms with more than the one or two Linden Lab employees that this half-wit called Monkey Wonder knows.

If you do own VooDoo, or you happen to know someone who does use the VooDoo THIS the kind of guy you want to be associated with?  Is this is kind of system you want to use?  A system where the original OWNER...and NOT YOU is free to slander whomever they want, whenever they want with no input or authority from you at all and YOU are the person who bought the system?

Do you as a VooDoo owner want to be walking around a hair faire, or a clothes fair with about 40 other avatars around you and have your VooDoo HUD suddenly declare in open public chat that 2 or 3 of the best known creators in that fare are "greifers" all because Monkey Wonder says so?

Join the Green Zone group, even just for 5 minutes, and take a look at the well known names of creators, sim owners and businesses...and do the right thing, return anything belonging to Monkey Wonder and forget VooDoo ever existed, there's much better scripted sploder systems on the marketplace than Monkeys.

This is EXACTLY the very same road RedZone went down before the Lab shoved a red hot poker up the creators ass and banned him.

Folks using VooDoo might wanna think about that....

Thursday, 12 April 2012

How to back yerself into a corner...


A lot of us decided to sit back and see how the monetary problems of New London would sort itself out, and it sorted itself out very admirably by the NLV community donating to NLV to back the sim out of the debt hole it had sunk into.

There is a problem though...and it's inherent not just in New London, but all of the Dr Who regions.

They ALL run at a loss.  All of them.  Katrina has ran at a loss since it first opened.  Only one single month in the past half a decade has the sim made a profit, 1000L was that profit.  Who Island runs at a loss, Olyesti runs at a loss, Lewisonia runs at a loss.  They all run at a loss.  It's part and parcel of being a fan dedicated community.

Kassner probably seen this and shifted New London out of mainstream Dr Who fandom and into mainstream "generic" London based sims.  However that comes with its own problem.  You look at any other London based regions out there, the backstabber Debs Regent London estates, the mainland London estates.  Pop on over right now and you will find something that ties them all into one thing.

This same thing also binds places like New Babbage, Caledon, Steelhead, Insillico, The Wastelands and other city based scifi, or generic sims together.

Virtually all of the buildings...are rented out, or are sitting on plots of land owned by someone else who pays tier to the main owner.

New London doesn't have this set up.  Only a small corner of the sim is set aside for rentals and even then the price Kat has set is too cheap.  Kassner is looking to bolster NLV to a level that it pays for itself.  To do that she will have to do two things.

1: Rent out HALF (yeah...HALF) of the sim to either land based housing in theme with London or skybox based TARDISes.

2: Sell more consoles.

Problem 1 can be done easily...tear down New London Villiage, reparcel it, and rebuild.

Problem 2...well, I dunno if you read the latest notecard she sent out, this is a chunk of it...

Secondly, we under-estimated the time it would take to release consoles, and get people their updates.  The reason for this is simply real life commitments for all those involved in NLS has by chance increased across the board. We are releasing, but not quite as swiftly as we would like.

This means NLS will be focusing on new builds for the foreseeable future. We do want to stand by our free update policy, even if the t60 isn't technically an update of the t50, we have long enjoyed the community spirit in updating older consoles for free, but practical measures seem to suggest that the culture of free updates that as explained, may be hindering the sim's ability to survive. A refocus on new creative works seems a logical address to the financial issue.

That decision will cost Kassner and NLS customers...and it already has, I've been looking at twitter and plurk and no sooner had that notecard been released in the group a handfull of NLS customers who was still on T50 have simply said they have deleted their packages...and will buy consoles from either Hands of Omega or Pipa's line of consoles.

Hands of Omega update the ENTIRE LINE, all 70+ exteriors, all 40+ consoles, all addons and all rooms every 9 to 10 months.  Sen does all those scripting updates by himself at the same time juggling work, and his family...and he does it alone.  The New London line of consoles is less than half of the HoO line, and NLS has more staff.

I bought a T60 not too long ago.  A close friend of mine, Lia, who was living in my TARDIS with me who works for BBC Manchester had bought a T50 line console about a month before the T60 line came out.

She's now gonna be buying a Hands of Omega console this weekend, shes already derezzed her T50 console and deleted the package out of disgust.

Kassner, if you dont want to see your customers who supported the T50 line bail out on you, forget new builds, get the old T50 line updated to T60 before summer really hits.  Trust me on this, when the summer season hits, SL monetary income PLUMMETS everywhere.  If your struggling right now, imagine what its gonna be like in June or July when folks in the northern hemisphere are on SL less, have less cash to spend because of holidays and have very little spare time. can ignore this and this July or August we will see yet another notice come out saying NL is closing. skin of my nose, up to you.

New Babbage - Dusk

A quick New Babbage video I done this morning.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Armada Breakaway

Possibly one of the best portrait shots of a sim i have taken so far... Armada Breakaway, now under the ownership of Vernden Jervil.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Banned from London

No, not New London, been banned from there for a long, long time.

I'm talking about the other London...ya know, that one where we helped them and then they turned and stabbed us in the back...yeah, that one.

Their glorious leader is so inept though that I was only banned from one sim, i can still access the other 3.  So you are probably asking why I was only banned from one?  Well, this is the good bit.

I payed for an advertising board a month ago, just before i went offline for the move.  Ya know those boards, right click, pay and ya can add yer texture and all that.  I went back to renew the thing and whammo...banned.  I also cammed over to the board and seen that the advert was removed BEFORE the time was up.

So there ya go folks, Debs Regent strikes again.  If yer in the Whovian community, stay far, far away from that place.  When it comes to London based sims outside of the Dr Who community yer better off with a gem of a place I recently came across...

It's 10 times more busy and the build quality wipes the floor with the crap they have in Debs place.

Sunday, 8 April 2012


The move is over, the net is back :D