Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Getting political

Yes, im gonna talk politics.

I was a lifelong Labour supporter.  Always voted Labour.  Then Tony changed the party and it slowly became nothing more than the conservative party with a different colour and name.  It was the Labour party which brought in ESA, the new benefit made to "help" disabled and ill people, like myself.

The ESA system which i have talked about a couple of times before totally ignores what your own GP (doctor) says and judges if you are fit for work by a simple checklist of 17 descriptors on the computer.  People found "fit for work" have included the following...

People with terminal cancer
People with a severe heart condition
People in a COMA (yes, in a damn COMA)
People with severe mental health issues
People with severe final stage M.S (multiple sclerosis)

The list goes on, and on, and on.

It was widley reported by The Guardian, The Independant and civil rights bloggers that since the Conservatives along with the lapdog Liberal Democrat party came into power...that over ONE THOUSAND disabled and severely i'll people found "fit for work"...have died.  Their final days spent in agony with either no benefit at all, or forced to work in unacceptable jobs.

...and now this... http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/sep/03/disabled-benefits-claimants-fines-work

The same people who are actually found NOT fit for work by ATOS...will now be forced to work, sometimes for free.  If they refuse, their benefits will be but to 20%.  These people will be forced to live on about £26 a week.  With that they will have to buy food, pay for electricity, for gas, pay rent...

I have had it with Westminster, The Conservatives, the Labour party and the brain dead Liberal Democrats have now initiated a full out war against the sick, the disabled and the handicap.

This kind of thing is what is pushing folks up here in Scotland closer, and closer toward full independence from the rich boys club thats now driving this country into the ground.  The quicker the independence referendum arrives...the better.  Scotland...its own country, free from the despots of the Conservatives and Labour.  As far as I am concerned it cant come quick enough.

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