Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Clockhaven Square - Early Morning

I've decided to start taking pics more regularly...heck, may as well get my moneys worth out of that Flickr Pro account :)

Clockhaven Square in the region Clockhaven, part of the City State of New Babbage.

Via Flickr:
Standing in Clockhaven Market Square in the early morning

Taken at Clockhaven (206, 182, 108)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The end of an era...

The original prim build of Brunel Hall which dates back as one of the first buildings built on site in Academy of gone...

The picture above is of the original "Crumb Hall" which was completed on October 10th, 2009.  It was the first on site build in Academy (the first completed build was Cocoajava, which was moved from Pallisade).  The original building above retained its shape (Muirsheen Durkin bar filled up the entire floor of the original wall halls).

The old hall became legendary and the constant expansion, overhauling and further expansion coined a new phrase....Morningtonizing....

...and it expanded once...


...and when i ran out of land space i expanded upwards....

and then expanded downwards into the new basement bar of Muirsheen Durkin...

However, time moves on.  The hotel was seriously becoming a nightmare to overhaul, meshing just the front wall and the stairs wasnt enough.  The mess of the internal structure of the original hall prims was also becomeing more and more apparent and each small change in the layout of the bar side affected countless walls on the back side which was all based on sliced megaprims, because the bulk of the overhauls was before the 64m prim limit came in.

So i decided to bite the bullet.  Brunel Hall is now FULL MESH...

The above picture shows the old prim build above the replacement mesh build.  The new mesh build is an exact replica in size and textures of the old hotel, but its 250 less LI (prims) than the original and is a much cleaner and easier to manage build compared to the original.

There is one single part left of the old hall that dates back to October 10th 2009, the old prim reception desk at the entrance...its the only prim part left of the old building.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Getting political

Yes, im gonna talk politics.

I was a lifelong Labour supporter.  Always voted Labour.  Then Tony changed the party and it slowly became nothing more than the conservative party with a different colour and name.  It was the Labour party which brought in ESA, the new benefit made to "help" disabled and ill people, like myself.

The ESA system which i have talked about a couple of times before totally ignores what your own GP (doctor) says and judges if you are fit for work by a simple checklist of 17 descriptors on the computer.  People found "fit for work" have included the following...

People with terminal cancer
People with a severe heart condition
People in a COMA (yes, in a damn COMA)
People with severe mental health issues
People with severe final stage M.S (multiple sclerosis)

The list goes on, and on, and on.

It was widley reported by The Guardian, The Independant and civil rights bloggers that since the Conservatives along with the lapdog Liberal Democrat party came into power...that over ONE THOUSAND disabled and severely i'll people found "fit for work"...have died.  Their final days spent in agony with either no benefit at all, or forced to work in unacceptable jobs.

...and now this...

The same people who are actually found NOT fit for work by ATOS...will now be forced to work, sometimes for free.  If they refuse, their benefits will be but to 20%.  These people will be forced to live on about £26 a week.  With that they will have to buy food, pay for electricity, for gas, pay rent...

I have had it with Westminster, The Conservatives, the Labour party and the brain dead Liberal Democrats have now initiated a full out war against the sick, the disabled and the handicap.

This kind of thing is what is pushing folks up here in Scotland closer, and closer toward full independence from the rich boys club thats now driving this country into the ground.  The quicker the independence referendum arrives...the better.  Scotland...its own country, free from the despots of the Conservatives and Labour.  As far as I am concerned it cant come quick enough.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Asylum of the Daleks

SPOILERS!  If ya aint watched it yet then dont read on!


Just watched Asylum of the Daleks.

Moffat has said that this season is going to be single story "blockbusters".  Judgeing by Asylum, it looks like he is right.  Smiths previous season seen budget cuts by the BBC and the rumor is this season's budget was increased to bring it inline to what Tennant's final season was.  Lots of Daleks around including the classic series Dalek and even a Special Weapon's Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks during McCoy's run in the 80's.

The interesting plot point for me though was the final 5 minutes.  The Dalek's being made to "forget" the Doctor.

This single plot point has closed off one of the major problems Moffat would have in bringing back Gallifrey either at the end of this season or the end of the 50th anniversary season which will kick off in Autumn of 2013.

The biggest problem with the Timelords returning was always with The Daleks.  The minute the Timelords came back, the Daleks would no doubt attack and start off the war all over again. 

Making the Daleks forget the Doctor not only wipes from the Daleks memory every single encounter the Doctor had with them, it may also technically wipe from the Daleks memory the actual Time War itself.  Think about it...

Every single encounter the Daleks had with the Timelords in every single episode of the classic series was with The Doctor (barring the appearance of The Meddling Monk in his final showing during the Hartnell run).  The Last Great Time War was led by the Doctor according to the sontaran guy during Poison Skys.

The Daleks have forgotten The Doctor...therefore if the Time Lords came back, the Daleks would technically have very little, if any knowledge of Gallifrey or the Timelords and wouldnt go on a full out assault of Gallifrey straight away.

This single episode has made it possible for Moffat to reintroduce Gallifrey again sometime in the future.