Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Up Yours ATOS!

Some of you may remember that in February, as part of the "Employment and Support Allowance" (basically disability allowance under a new name) that i had to go to a medical with ATOS Healthcare, a private company who is trying to kick off as many folks from disability and put them into jobs via the job centre.

Well, i appealed it in February.  The tribunal was today, a judge and a doctor heard my case...and they have overturned ATOS Healthcare's original decision.

As reported by the news and national newspapers, of the people who fail these ATOS tests...40% of them appeal it.  Of that 40% just over 60% of them WIN the appeal.  The blatant misdiagnosis time and time again from ATOS Healthcare is putting disabled folks in seriously health threatening positions.

Still, i won the tribunal, and the ATOS decision was overturned.

Fuck you ATOS healthcare!


  1. This is the same mob that declared a coma patient fit for work right?