Saturday, 18 August 2012

Running around like headless chickens...

I was doing the usual round of the blogs after the news of Second Life going on Valve's Steam platform was broken yesterday.

The usual crowd of tin foil hat "THIS WILL KILL SL" folks are having an absolute FIELD DAY with this.  None more so than the clueless masses on Hamlet the Has Beens blog.  I bet old Hammy is now pissing himself in fear, Hammy knows that SL being on steam will garner the attention of MAJOR gaming bloggers...his days at the top are now coming to a close.  Everyone is playing this thing down to be something "bad" for Second Life but lets take a look at some of the facts shall we?

The announcement mentioned here ... has one HUGE clue which half of these dimwitted fools missed...and its was this announcement from Valve itself...

Everyone is running around saying SL will be inundated with the FPS kiddy gamers who will run around greifing.  The FACT here is simple.  SL will be included in the NEW Valve system.

As stated in the Valve announcement, the overhauled version of Steam will have a new category layed out for "creativity to productivity" titles.  Creativity would be the section that Second Life would fall into.  That section will not garner the attention of the underage masses of teenage kids who run around in games like Call of Duty or games based on the Source engine and shoot each other all day.

 Linden Lab is aiming for the 25 to 40 age range which makes up about 25% of that total amount of that 40 million user base of Steam.  In that age range you have game developers, game journalists, software programmers and other "creative" type people who will look at Second Life, remember hearing about it in the press back in 2007 and think "hmmm....yeah, i'll give it a try, hell it's in Steam afterall".

You all need to remember that certain "rules" have to be passed before Valve Software will agree to add a new title to their Steam platform.  The goalposts have shifted now and again but the basics of those rules is the title being added must be developed and have a development roadmap which will see it through the foreseeable future.  Linden Lab MUST have submitted the case for Second Life being added and the bosses at Valve looked at the roadmap and agreed.

Its as simple as that....

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