Thursday, 2 August 2012

Its starting...

As reported on (which quite frankly is the only trustworthy news blog about LL) Bob Komin is gone.

Bob was one of the high ups.  Upper management of Linden Lab.  He was there for the Mark Kingdon (M Linden) tenureship as CEO and according to several folks was instrumental in getting Rod Humble as the current CEO.

So what does this mean...Bob has gone, does it mean that LL is a sinking ship and Bob is running off?


Does it mean that Bob thinks he's done all he can to forward Linden Lab and now thinks that its time for the new CEO to shine?


Bob is more than likley off to another company which is in need of a shake up.  If you take a look at the current management of Linden Lab, which you can see here you'll notice two things.  Rod Humble...who used to work for EA, infact he was a Vice President of an entire division of EA and of course, Will Wright, that genius of a man who gave us Spore and so many other RTS games and simulation games.

If the Lab was a sinking ship, do you honestly think that Will Wright would want his name attached to it?  For that matter, do you think that Rod Humble who was a Vice President of EA Play and responsible for green lighting The Sims (which was developed by Will Wright) would stay on as CEO?

Of course they wouldn't!  They would both bail out and look for other high paying jobs elsewhere.

What do i mean by the blog post title of "Its Starting"?  Well, Bob was a hands on man.  The way i see it Bob has went on to be hands on at another company.  Bob also knows that Linden Lab is now in a far, far better shape as a company now, than it was when he took up office in 2010.  He also knows that the current CEO, Rod Humble, is the right man for the top job to carry Linden Lab into 2013.  What has started is the progressive ongoing overhaul of Linden Lab from the Rod Humble, and not Bob Komin.

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  1. Interesting out look ..
    I think they cut him loose to save money.
    No, I do not think LL is a sinking ship. I do think they are having trouble holding on to their original investors of the game ..
    1) investors IE Board members that wanted to cash out in 2010
    2) Players that either got fed up with
    a) price increases and bad drama
    b) creators who just lost their own eye of the tiger interest .
    c) Real Life cost of Living and changes blah blah blah ..
    Linden Labs does need to change up a bit to take care of their base .. That means Monthly land rentals need to come down . Doubt that will happen any time soon .. Hence "tighten up time ". Cut Backs are obvious wise shrewd business move.
    ** Back in 2007 it cost 1200 for an island (sim)
    now you can find them for 300.
    Its the Monthly Tier that is challenge! mho .. :)