Saturday, 21 July 2012

The self important entitleists...

Ya know, I've been seeing this appear more and more in the Dr Who group chat.

For the folks who don't know, Cheshyr Pontchartrain, owner of Novatech, the behemoth of a company that sells...well...a LOT of stuff...has been suspended for a week by Linden Lab.

The group chat which Sen from Hands of Omega started in the Dr Who group to inform people of whats going on and the blatant MISUSE of Lab staff power's to actually suspend Cheshyrs account started this ongoing babble about copyrights, then it went on to more self centred talk from one person in particular.  Harley Quinn...better known as Michelle.

According to Michelle the CEO of companies should offer her support...anytime she wants it...yes, that's right folks, the CEO...the head guy (or gal) of a company should offer Michelle support.

CEO's are there to run the company, the TECH SUPPORT people are there to help.  Michelle categorically said that she doesn't care about Cheshyr, because Cheshyr as CEO of his company (novatech) didn't offer her support?!

She then went on to say she wont buy anything from Hands of Omega and she will tell her friends not to buy anything from Hands of Omega because Sen Pixie (as the CEO of HoO) will not offer her support...even though HandsOfOmega Rau is the DEDICATED avatar name of the tech support for HoO.

To people like Michelle, the self centred, self important entitleists who think that people should be at their beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even if those people are NOT the dedicated Tech Support people...Second Life does not, and will never revolve around self centred little ego centric maniacs like you.

Grow up, act yer age, and use the PROPER support channels...idiots.

This is the problem with the SL community at large now...theres more and more people like Michelle who think that everyone should be at their back and call all day, every day.  To top this all off, just before i kicked Michelle from the group she went on about her being all buddy buddy with Kat Kassner, which i was expecting to happen eventually...the conversation started to slowly slide downhill even quicker after that.

That is something else I have been seeing a lot of.  Kassners friends, trying to stir up trouble within the Doctor Who group itself.  They come in and start a general arguement (like Michelle done) and then drop the "ohhhhhhhh but NLS is far superior" or the "ohhhh but Kat Kassner said *insert shit here*.

Some of you may have noticed...I have been quiet lately with Kassner and her merry gang.  I'm now content to sit back and do my stuff, and they can sit back and do their stuff. is a warning.  If this trolling shit continues from friends of Kassner's (and trust me...i know who you are), then this little quiet phase will be over...VERY ABRUPTLY.

It is now getting to the stage where I have little to no tolerance at all for idiots.


  1. Grow up Mullen. You wanna wage war on Kat AGAIN because you went and pissed someone off and she said she was gonna shop at the competition from now on? When I was working at Blockbuster Video people who were dissatisfied with our service got bitchy and said they'd shop at Hollywood Video from then on. We never made the false assumption that the competition sent them over to stir up trouble. That would have been a stupid assumption on our part. We just tried to imprive our service as best we could and retain the customers we had.

    New London never did anything to you except grow to be more popular than your region, which you run poorly and which you drive people away from with your own attitude and deceit. That's entirely your fault and no one else's. But hey, you want to start up your little war against another sim again, make yourself even more irrelevant than you already have, be my guest. No one takes you seriously anymore, just like no one in the trek gaming community pays you any attention anymore.

    1. Wait, your telling me to grow up?

      Am I the one that copybotted someone elses work, sent out a notice saying that it was someone else...then claimed I couldnt remember who the someone else was even though that someone else sent me the actual object or sculpt maps from a copybotted Dalek?

      Ohhh...wait a sec...thats right, it wasnt me...

      It was you!

      Then you had the cheek to try and pass on your failed business to an alt claiming it wasnt an alt but a new resident which was then outed by someones comments on this blog, then ya vanished for a while hoping to things would blow over and now you are back.

      Time might have passed Archie...but your still a lying backstabbing little thief...and you always will be.

    2. Yes, boy, I'm telling YOU to grow up. You lie anyone and everyone you don't like, last year even doing it through a charity that raises funds to fight cancer, and even the chairman of the convention called you out on it and even then you kept lying. I make no excuses for what I did and unlike you, I'm man enough to admit when I screw up. I don't go blaming others for my mistakes and I don't go around telling lies about people. That's YOUR area of expertise.

      Thing about liars, liar-boy, is they cry wolf once too often and then no one believes a word they say. meantime, you get your panties in a bunch just because some moron bitched about service and made the same kind of idiotic comment I used to get at Blockbuster Video back in the 90s. It was ignorned then for the baloney it was, and for good reason. But you, you're prepared to go to war again over the same baloney and for what? Someone who wrote you off as an icorrigible nutcase years ago and who doesn't even bother all that much with Doctor Who in SL anymore because of you.

      Maybe one day you'll grow up enough to realize just how much of your existence you've wasted on your pointless little ego trips. But I doubt it.

    3. I'm sorry Arch, i really can't hear ya for all the folks pointing at you and shouting thief...

      ohhhhh...whats his picture?

      Yeah, its one of Archies Daleks...using one of OUR sculpts...with archies name on it.

      I am many things Archie, one thing i have never done is stolen from within the community, you have...SEVERAL times. Also, don't worry Arch, i've let some of the folks from the Green Lantern community (and by the way in the Lantern community has a lot of Dr Who fans and timelords in them) know about you, but then again, they already said they did since you tried to weasel your way into the Justice League, which failed when they found out that your a copybotter during that whole JLU security orb debacle.

      Carry on trying to sweep your thieving tendencies under the carpet Arch...good luck with that!

    4. Tell them all the lies you want, liar-boy. I'll tell them the truth and whatever happens happens. I swiped prims ONCE, admitted it, and haven't done it since — nor will I ever again. And that's all you have "evidence" of. I never tried to join the JLU, but you knew that already. Considering you got caught lying about the JLU and publicly took the side of known serial griefers in defaming them, I'm impressed with your unmitigated gall at dredging that up.