Monday, 23 July 2012

The Season 27 Time Rotor

The time rotor itself is based off of the few actual pictures of the model of the season 27 console there is. The console part is from Hands of Omega (they have a Season 27 full console room). The Second Life S27 build is an old one, made during 2007 and back then little was known about the cancelled season console.

After a LOT of digging around (mostly in the TARDIS builder forum) i came across two low resolution close up shots of the model. The rotor is housed inside two long cylinders which in turn is housed inside the outer cylinder which connected to the ceiling and the console's rotor collar. From the design of the inside, what little detail there was suggested a twin rotor style (like the McGann and Eccleston/Tennant console) the upper rotor slides down over the lower rotor with a light red, almost pink colour to the tubing inside and ringed white lights dotted down the inner rotor column itself.

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