Monday, 30 July 2012

Shadows Silhouette

I thought i'd have written about Shadows Silhouette before, but I aint, which is a shame cause its a really nice place.

Dance Revue spots in Second Life is few and far between.  New Babbage used to have the New Champagne Rooms although it was more burlesque in nature than a dance revue.  Shadows has been running for a while now and have weekly shows with a new theme each month.  Last month it was Steamdolls...this month its Bondage.


No...that that type of Bondage...

Bond...age, James Bond :)

It looks like the two Shadows Silhouette sims are in the middle of a rebuild as well, last time i was at one of their sets (about a month ago) the sims was set up in a sorta mid 50's typical US town center...looks like they are going for a pseudo Victorian/Steampunk look.

Anyway, they have a group joiner thingy next to the main stage, join the group so you can keep track of their dance sets :D

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