Sunday, 22 July 2012

Meeeeeeeshhhhhhh - The overhaul of Brunel Hall

Laying down the prim work for the side wall of the hotel to convert it to MEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The refit of Brunel Hall's outside walls is basically complete.  Thanks to Mr Tenk showing what Mesh Studio (from the same creator of Sculpt Studio) can do...all of the outside timber work, windows and supports are now in mesh.  Sure, the mesh timbers are a few prims more than the old sculpted 30m wide timber work but the trade off is a good one...

29 prims for that whole front wall section including the detailed slot window frames and the curved supports of the upper floors.

The trade off i speak about?

Linden Lab have altered the way things have started to download, i noticed it a while back.  You clear your cache infront of a building that uses sculpts, prims and mesh and youll find the mesh loads instantly, the prims load next and the sculpt loads last.  The old facade of the hotel was covered in sculpts...and for a few minutes or more those sculpts looked like large elongated baloons.  Now with the mesh timber work and front bar wall, the hotel's outside walls load almost instantly from a cleared cache...which is very important to folks who are walking outside and thinking of going inside to look around.

The restaurant has been extended out as well, knocking out the old entrance foyer and merging the lot into one large room.

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