Saturday, 21 July 2012

...and so it begins...

Relay for Life is over...well, technically its over in August, but for the fundraising side, its over.  IFT SciFi Convention is gone, IFT wont be running it and anyway the next one (there will be a next one) wont be until next year..and SL9B was done and dusted a while ago.

The May till July months in SL to do with the Dr Who community has been the busiest EVER.  Literally...EVER.  Three different events, one running into the other.  The impact of SL9B and the larger RFL campsite alone has seen a large upsurge of new folks jopining the community.  Last month i deleted about 500 inactive accounts (folks who aint logged in for a year).  After RFL was over, that 500 that was dropped has been replaced by almost 350.  The staggering amount of folks who had no clue that there was a Doctor Who community in Second Life that was as big as it is still surprises me.

The past 2 years the major focus of my "marketing" of the Dr Who community has been outside of SL.  With Podshock now a regular occurrence (next party is in late August) and the wider world seeing the interviews i done for SL9B and for RFL, its time to look Second Life itself.

The Gateway plan has now started...

A two phase project culminating in all 5 of the "hub" sims being almost joined at the hip.  It will kick off with the Community Newsletter, a fortnightly notecard sent out to everyone in the main Dr Who group with permanent landmarks to all 5 regions, permanent landmarks to the top Dr Who stores, latest RP news, latest store sales and any other news which is from the 5 major regions.

This newsletter is still in the planning stage but it will become the one stop shop for any and all news in the Dr Who community within Second Life.

Thats stage 1.

Stage 2 is the actual gateway itself...and that's still being planned cause to be honest I've been through 5 plans for the gateway already and all of them sucked when i finished building it  >.<


  1. What's the story with IFT and the Sci-Fi Con? feel free to chat over IM if you don't want to put it here.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh

    The International Federation of Trekkers is pulling out of Second Life at the end of this year. The SciFi Convention for 2013 will be ran by a new independant body...or something like that.

    The details are still being worked out.