Saturday, 21 July 2012

A return to basics...

About this time every year, as July slowly runs into August, and usually after RFL finishes....i get a happy.

...about this time every year...i decide to rebuild my TARDIS.

Introducing the Interocitor - Season 27

Interocitor base room by Novatech, but with mesh roundel walls, dropping each wall section of roundels from 20+ to only 2 prims each...

Season 27 Hands of Omega console with original room roof installed.  Redone time column to match it as close as possible to the few remaining pictures online of the BBC S27 console model...which is this...

Extended hallway out joining up to Addisen "The Teacher" Lawksley's console tank is there of course, it was behind the camera view :p

Logopolis Cloister Room...Hands of Omega

Study and Library

Cell Regeneration Room

At the far end is Addisen's console...shes been working on it on and off since she seen the original build of the Cabbits which they submitted to the Mod Job Competition last year...

The redesigned TARDIS set is a major departure from the more Victorian looking mod jobs i do, the S27 based Victorian console is still in the horizons rezzer and is still my favorite, but i wanted a more classic series based set for a little while :)

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