Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Parties and stuff!

The next 4 weeks is going to be Ainsley busy for events.  We have SL9B coming up, and then the IFT SciFi Convention and finally the main Relay for Life track event.

Here's the dates...

Second Life 9th Birthday Celebration.  June 18th till June 27th.

The Doctor Who Group covering Eutopia, Lewisonia, New Gallifrey, Who Island and Olyesti has a display booth.  Nothing mahjor, but it is the first time the Dr Who community has had a full booth in an SL9B event.  It's also been confirmed that I will be one of the final DJ's closing the entire 15 region event on Sunday.  There will also be a Doctor Who discussion panel hosted by Saffia Widdershins on the 22nd with guests still to be worked out (one of them is Sen from HoO).

IFT 5th Second Life SciFi Convention. June 27th till July 1st

When SL9B officially closes, the IFT SciFi Convention officially opens.  We've all been to the previous ones, its the same thing, 6 regions filled with scifi booths and scifi based roleplay groups within Second Life.  I will be hosting a discussion panel on Doctor Who/Timelord Roleplay within SL.  The usual folks will be there, Who Island, DWE, HoO, Novelli and a whole host of other Doctor Who based groups and content creators.

Relay for Life of Second Life: 2012 Track Event.  July 14th and 15th

If there is one event this year you cannot miss, its this one.  The Relay for Life of Second Life season opens in March and ends with the main track event.  40 regions...yes...40 regions...all in a massive loop with a track running down the middle of it.  All of the teams involved in fundraising for RFL this year has a campsite at the side of that track, including The Doctor Who Fans in SL team.  The track event signals the official end of the 2012 RFL season and hosts a multitude of fundraising events, ceremony's and parties all intended to raise that last bit of money before the 2012 RFL season closes.

Thats basically it folks...one event almost rolls into another event and the whole think kicks off with SL9B on June 18th.

Mark them down in your calendars folks!

Landmarks to the various events will be given out closer to the date of that particular event opening.

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