Monday, 18 June 2012

...and so it begins...Event 1: SL9B

The first of the 3 major events the Dr Who Group and community is taking part in this summer if about to kick off.

The Second Life 9th Birthday celebration (SL9B) is a bunch of regions all joined up around a central massive birthday cake.  The Dr Who Group has a booth there representing Katrina and HoO.  The first of the major Dr Who regions to lay down a build at one of these yearly SL Birthday events.

Due to the birthday theme and the theme of "community" the booth is not only representing Katrina and HoO, its also representing the main Dr Who Group, New Gally, Who Island, Olyesti and Paradox Island.  Paradox Island has their own booth under Novelli Systems at the SL9B as well, you can check the Dr Who Group notices for the location of their booth.

Also, this coming Sunday at 10pm I will be the final DJ for SL9B, bringing a weeks worth of entertainment and celebrations to a close for this year.

You can find us also on the HoO database under DrWho - SL9B

The regions open to the public at 11am SLT on Monday 18th (today).

Who?  The Vortexial Exhibit for SL9B is also now on the SL Destination Guide:

Novelli/Paradox Island Booth: 

Listed as DrWho - SL9B on the Hands of Omega Social catagory

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