Monday, 28 May 2012

What might be coming soon

Back in late 2007 going into 2008, what was the Doctor Who Experience & Cardiff was the first region to build a half sim sized Gallifrey Citadel...the seat of power of the Time Lords.

The build was pulled down in early 2011 as it was getting old and starting to show signs of age. There was plans to bring it back as a mesh build but with the new Kronopolis build the Citadel plans was shelved....until now...

The black dot you see on the lower edge of the picture is me.

The new Citadel will be near full sim sized, the ultimate plan is to move everything inside Zenobia Station up into the Citadel which means this Citadel will be fully immersive, with rooms, main console, Eye of Harmony...the works.

It all depends on the scaling of the buildings inside the dome however.

Updates on the build will be posted here :)

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