Monday, 14 May 2012

PodShock: Mod Job II

Some folks may remember the last Mod Job competition that was held during a Podshock event...the result of that was the Dharma console, recently released by Hands of Omega.

For the May Podshock meet up the Mod Job is back, and this time its rolled into an RFL fund raising event as well. For this years Mod Job i decided to make life a little more easier when it comes to who, and what you can enter.

This year there is 3 categories instead of the 4 from last year, the catagories are...

A full complete build is a TARDIS console built by you, and your friends. When i say "built by you and your friends" i mean 100% of the console and console room must have been constructed by you, or your friends...FROM SCRATCH.

Now we come to the Modded build categories. This is where the contest rules have changed from last time....the prim count is for the console and console room ONLY. It does not include any of your added rooms. This Mod Job contest like the last one is going to be judged on the console and console room, any added rooms which make up your TARDIS complex will not be part of the judging.

MODDED BUILD - 950 Prims or above
MODDED BUILD - 949 Prims or below

Thats it, two more simple categories for the modded build and remember, the prim count is for the console, and console room ONLY...and NOT for your entire build.

Modded builds are just what it means, you take an existing console, and modify it. Consoles applicable to be entered for the mod job is opened up further this year to include any console maker with a shop in the Katrina mall. A modded build also means you must have modified the actual build you rezzed out, not just rezzed some chairs and put some pictures up, the actual structure of the original console must have changed in some way.

There are 4 judges for this Mod Job. The public will get a vote in this Mod Job, which ties in with Relay for Life. If you enter the competition you will land an exterior in the Katrina sim, next to your exterior will be an official Relay for Life donation kiosk. The 3 consoles which gets the most donations will be the top 3 of the publics vote and will count in the final tally of the scoring. The other 3 judges will be Sen Pixie (of Hands of Omega, Louis Trapani (the host of Podshock, and one other person still to be picked.

Thats it, the rules and categories are a lot more easier to follow this time around. If you want to enter Mod Job 2012, send your SL name, the location of your TARDIS console and how many prims your TARDIS console and room is to Victor1st Mornington. Please make sure your application arrives on or before MAY 18th.

Once you land your console in Katrina...please remember to LOCK your controls so no one will be able to take off. Please be advised that if you do enter, your console will be landed in Katrina for AT LEAST 5 hours.

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