Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Podshock and The Mod Job II Competition

Hello folks! Time for a little bit of info on two things for two different parts of the community inside and outside of Second Life.

First of all, for the folks within Second Life who are from the Relay for Life teams who may be attending the event. The biggest question ive heard is "what is podshock?". Doctor Who: Podshock is the oldest continual podcast dedicated to Doctor Who, they can be found here....


...they have a MASSIVE listnership, interviews with the cast and production team of Doctor Who past and present and regular features on their podcast. Back in early 2006 the very first Podshock inworld party was organised in the old "Land of Who" region of Second Life. The new format of the inworld meetings takes place in two regions, Katrina and later on in the evening at Who Island. It's a chance for listners of Podshock to get together in one place and have a chat with fellow Doctor Who fans inworld and of course have a listen to the great music of Mr Edward Pearse, one of the presenters at Radio Riel and regular DJ at the City State of New Babbage.

The podshock events are seasonal, and this time for this season we are making the event an RFL one, this leads on to the next question..."what is RFL?"

RFL stands of "Relay For Life". Folks in and out of SL must have heard of Relay for Life on the news or the local papers. The American Cancer Society has land in Second Life, just a single region, but every year the same relay events you see happening in the real world, take place in the virtual world of Second Life. A lot of money has been raised in the past Relay seasons in Second Life, hundreds of thousands of US dollars every year. The Doctor Who Fans in Second Life is just one of these relay teams within Second Life doing everything we can to aid and support the cause of fighting cancer.

On May the 19th, for the first time, a podshock event will be rolled into a fundraising event for Relay for Life of Second Life. To do this, one of the most popular competitions of previous Podshock inworld events is being brought back...The TARDIS Mod Job Competition.

Many people in the relay groups of Second Life would not have had a chance to see what an actual TARDIS looks like in SL...and im not talking about the blue police box, im taking the INSIDE...the actual rooms...now is your chance.

On May 19th, volunteers will be opening their TARDIS homes up to the public, to take part in the Podshock Mod Job II competition and YOU will be able to have your say on the winners. Next to each "exterior" there will be a donation box, you simply donate to that donation box to voice which TARDIS home you think is the best. The top 3 TARDIS homes which have been donated to will be added to the official judge's votes as well!

There are more details on Mod Job II on the blog post below this one! For more details about the event please contact Victor1st Mornington.

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