Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Holo...little Holo

Ya know it amazes me...Holocluck Henly is a bigger spin doctor than all of the 90's New Labour Party put together.

I aint payed attention to the copybot supporting little guy since his post about New Babbage supporting "Bestiality" (yeah, thats a good one folks, read through the archives of this blog to find the screenshot of his original post), little copybot supporter then started whining on his blog about why folks in NB started banning him from their parcel...uhhhhhhhhh HELLO?! Ya just called them all bestiality fans?

Holo...little Holo, always trying to grab attention for yourself, while you jump up and down crying in your blog about all the injustices, maybe you should think back to that time Archangel was caught copybotting the Katrina sim Daleks...and you supported him.

He's still at it ya know, I ain't visited his blog for weeks...went there today and about 3/4ths of his posts are harping on about something to do with me.  Heck he was even getting the boot into me when i wasn't even online!  I was offline for an entire month (march) and he was driveling on and on about RFL...while i wasn't even here...well, i suppose talking about someone when they ain't even here to defend themselves is something that a coward is good at, Holo would know all about that.

Keep it up Holo...yer driving more search traffic via google into my old blog here, and of course as people read through the archives to see how much of a "bad" person I am, they will come across the original post from me, about you...ya sweet little content theft supporter you!

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  1. I never once in my life expected to type "victor1st bestiality" in a search field.