Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Dr Who Expo has moved!

First of all, no we have NOT closed and left Second Life!

For almost 5 years the expo and before it the Dr Who Experience & Cardiff was on the region of Katrina. Late in the morning of the 21st we got word from the land business that we rented Katrina from that they are leaving Second Life.

Instead of buying Katrina we decided to rent on a new region instead, Eutopia. Its the sim thats close to the region that the Teen Expo is on.

Here is the new location for the Dr Who Expo & Kronopolis...

Theres still a lot of work to be done on the ground, and the mall renters have still to move in. There will be a few changes as well, notably the museum will be merged with Zenobia Station over the next couple of days, but for the most part, its still the same old Dr Who Expo.

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  1. Erk on the short-notice move on their part! Also congratulations on the move, and stand by to greet the first arriving Tennoob in Eutopia with a Survival-esque "Welcome to my new home, Doctor..."