Sunday, 13 May 2012

201k Lindens Raised!

Last night the Dr Who RFL Team hosted the first Dr Who RFL Auction. The folks who attended raised a staggering 201,000 lindens! O.o At current exchange rate, thats over 800US Dollars in less than 2 hours.

A massive thanks to everyone who attended, and a bigger thans to the staff of Who Island and Katrina who went along with the fun along with the regular's what happened at the end...

Ezy McAlpine has to wear a My Little Pony avatar for a week and his display name is now "Pony Boy"

Marinedalek Tomorrow is now known as Mreeny Poopypants for a week

Victor1st Mornington has to wear the freebie "tennoob" avatar for a week and has name changed to "David Tennant Fangirl" for a week.

Nodster Tardis has to wear a dress for a week and has namechanged to Dorothy Ginger for a week.

Tristan Avedon, owner of Who Island is now known as "Barbie" for a week.

Morphed Carter has to wear the "tennoob" freebie avatar for...A MONTH...and is now known as "Not Norweigan" for a week.

Thats just the casualties of the staff...rofl. Rel, Rowan, Mato, Kealani, Zaros and others all volunteered for the "special" auction we had at the end.

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  1. Curses! of all the times for my Pc's motherboard to die! I miss all this good stuff, the RFL, and the Custom console room contest.