Friday, 20 April 2012

What the o.O

So as folks know I've recently moved to a new house, when i say new, i, this thing has just been built.

I'll explain a bit here for the folks outside of the UK who wonder how i managed to pay for a new house being built...I didnt.  The bulk of housing stock in the UK (more especially for Scotland) is owned by local "councils".  The local council is a branch of the elected Government of the UK.  Like the local senators etc etc in the US for instance.  The local council oversee the housing stock of the area.  The big difference between the UK and most other countries is houses are government owned, about 80% of them to be exact.

These homes are rented out to the tenants at a monthly or fortnightly payment rate.  No middle men, no landlords, no private landlords (although some do exist in bigger cities), nothing like that, the money goes straight to the local councils.


...the old house i was in was part of the "old town" area.  Built during the first expansion out of the main centre of town, 10 streets, covering an aera of about 2 square miles with old parkland and more importantly, pre World War II housing.  The houses was solidly built, but they was starting to show their age.

So, the local council decided to demolish them ALL, about 350 homes being demolished and replaced with modern semi detached up and down stairs housing with gardens and all that stuff.

With modern homes, comes modern insulation, which the old house lacked...

I left my PC on overnight crunching numbers for Seti@Home on BOINC.  I woke up this morning gasping for breath with the sweat pouring out of me, the PC had managed to heat up my bedroom to about 30c o.O

I'm gonna have to watch the temps when running Seti...or just leave the window open at night O.O

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