Monday, 30 April 2012

RFL Top DJ Competition

Was in the top 4 since last week...and its the top 4 that get into the semi final.

Today was the last heat, and in the last heat the last DJ knocked me into 5th.  Kinda figured it was over when her friends started asking in chat how much it was to get her into 4th place.

Invites sent to 3 different communities, the main Dr Who group, Steelhead and New Babbage.  In the heat I was in i got knocked from 3rd to 4th.

ahh well...

Does kinda make me wonder about that Dr Who group though.  It was the Steamlanders that got me into that 3rd then 4th spot, from the crowd that was at my heat I only recognized about 3 people from the Dr Who community, 3...out of all those folks in that group.


Yeah sure, the top DJ competition is for RFL, it all goes to a great cause, but i don't ask for much in SL...hell i was looking forward to that semi final.  A bit of support from the community I grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hauled up to 4000 members would have been nice.

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