Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Past...

A lot of folks in New Babbage and the Dr Who community know that i like to have a clean inventory, in 4 years of SL it has never went over 14k, it usually sits around 12k.

Tonight i was going though the bottom end of the "Objects" folder taking a look at some of the oldest stuff i have in my inventory and i came across a combined object set.  It was a set of scripted picture frames dating back to 2008...long before i moved into New Babbage and a short time before i became involved with the Katrina sim.

This is more than likley the first pic i ever took, the old entrance hall to the Isle of Wyrms.

Snapshot of my first home, a skybox (modded by me) up in the skies of the old Nassau Shores sim

This is what that first house ended up looking like at the end, just before i deleted the lot and started again.

The second house, and the first one built by me.  It was February 2009.

The third house...in a few short months this would become the infamous Altera TARDIS, the first full Hands of Omega set up which had the rooms, corridors and consoles all packed into Horizons as shells or rooms...a full 3 years before it became standard.

Me...round about March 2009, with Desiree, one of my neighbours in the sim :)

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  1. You look pretty Gangsta in the last photo. What inspired the change to becoming a steampunk and timelord gentleman satyr?