Monday, 9 April 2012

Banned from London

No, not New London, been banned from there for a long, long time.

I'm talking about the other London...ya know, that one where we helped them and then they turned and stabbed us in the back...yeah, that one.

Their glorious leader is so inept though that I was only banned from one sim, i can still access the other 3.  So you are probably asking why I was only banned from one?  Well, this is the good bit.

I payed for an advertising board a month ago, just before i went offline for the move.  Ya know those boards, right click, pay and ya can add yer texture and all that.  I went back to renew the thing and whammo...banned.  I also cammed over to the board and seen that the advert was removed BEFORE the time was up.

So there ya go folks, Debs Regent strikes again.  If yer in the Whovian community, stay far, far away from that place.  When it comes to London based sims outside of the Dr Who community yer better off with a gem of a place I recently came across...

It's 10 times more busy and the build quality wipes the floor with the crap they have in Debs place.

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