Saturday, 18 February 2012

HoO rezzer bans

So a while ago Hands of Omega introduced a ban thingy into the exterior rezzers.

Needless to say, I've been banned from about 4 or 5 rezzers from the HoO database (three guesses who banned me...).  Since the rezzer ban system came into effect I've not bothered banning people from the public rezzers I have set down.  Then I thought to myself "well damn Vic, maybe its about time you did".

Since i have about 25 public rezzers in the HoO database its gonna take a while for me to get around them all, but I thought I'd make this post in this blog saying WHY I'm banning these individuals (and the people that put down the rezzers and took orders from "it" to ban me) BEFORE "it" makes a big uproar saying how her and her staff are banned from over 25 HoO rezzers, they casted the first stone (as they usually do).

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