Thursday, 26 January 2012

Drunk Scotsman + Mic = Fun


On Dec 23rd last year was my dad's 70th birthday and of course since the party was held in the local British Legion there was a karaoke going on.  Not one for refusing to sing (I was in a small 50's swing based band in the 90's) and after copious amounts of Guiness i was hauled up in stage and a mic was shoved in my face...

After about 4 pints of guiness...

After about 7...or was it 8, hell by this time i wasnt caring... XD


  1. Not at ALL what I was expecting. You've got a pretty good voice there Vic.

  2. After hearing you sing the first one at Ash and Saffia's party, I just had to hear it again, and wow to both of the songs!