Saturday, 28 January 2012

Altera MK IV

With the full rebuild of Zenobia Station done, the work on rebuilding some of the older rooms is now underway.  The garden has been extended out as far as the new hull will allow so its basically twice the size it used to be.  The last of the old Zenobia Station rooms that needed a major overhaul was of course that massive console right in the middle.

That same console and variations of that console is one of the oldest rooms carried over to the new station and was in dire need of an it got one, a major one.

The old control panels being removed...

Retextureing begins and deletion of the old support struts

Tertiary console is brought in and stripped down to the essentials

Console panels lined up and being moved into place

Panels all installed

Redressing the remains of the origional room and adding aspects of the actual Tertiary console room

Completed console...Altera MK IV

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