Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Whats coming for feb and March

As winter draws to a close and Spring arrives it's time to take a look ahead at whats coming for the Doctor Who Expo and the community as a whole for the run up to summer.

This February will see the return of the Saturday Shindig parties at the rebuilt WhoBar in Katrina. The first and 3rd Saturday of a month will be held over to a Hands of Omega release party with the prizes for the random draws and some set competitions being the latest release from Hands of Omega. The parties in Katrina will be aimed more at the UK and EU folks in SL with Who Island running the later partied for the folks in the US. We will be advertising for DJ positions at a later date for these events as well.

February also see's the start of the run up to the Relay for Life 2012 "Time for a Cure" charity even in aid of the American Cancer Society, more info about that in mid February.

February will also see the full revamp of the Teen Doctor Who Expo, the first of the Dr Who Teen places to open, will see a full tear down and a rebuild to match the new look of the Epic teen region. The owner of the Epic region is going to promote the redo of the sim and place the region and the regions next to it as the centre hub for all teen's in Second Life. The redo of the Teen Dr Who Expo will of course feature aspects of the main expo, parts of the museum and a doubled up classic and new series public console.

Thats the main points for whats coming this February going into March...most of March will be preparing the Dr Who community regions for the onslaight that will be RFL 2012!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Tom Bakers Big Face!

The Face of Mr Tom Baker!

This was acheived thanks to ShortPeiceOf String handy scripting work...and over 4000 cube prims lined up 300m above the ground of Katrina :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Altera MK IV

With the full rebuild of Zenobia Station done, the work on rebuilding some of the older rooms is now underway.  The garden has been extended out as far as the new hull will allow so its basically twice the size it used to be.  The last of the old Zenobia Station rooms that needed a major overhaul was of course that massive console right in the middle.

That same console and variations of that console is one of the oldest rooms carried over to the new station and was in dire need of an overhaul...so it got one, a major one.

The old control panels being removed...

Retextureing begins and deletion of the old support struts

Tertiary console is brought in and stripped down to the essentials

Console panels lined up and being moved into place

Panels all installed

Redressing the remains of the origional room and adding aspects of the actual Tertiary console room

Completed console...Altera MK IV

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Drunk Scotsman + Mic = Fun


On Dec 23rd last year was my dad's 70th birthday and of course since the party was held in the local British Legion there was a karaoke going on.  Not one for refusing to sing (I was in a small 50's swing based band in the 90's) and after copious amounts of Guiness i was hauled up in stage and a mic was shoved in my face...

After about 4 pints of guiness...

After about 7...or was it 8, hell by this time i wasnt caring... XD

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Carriage House overhaul

With my old photography studio now moved into the Clockhaven region of New Babbage i finally had enough prims to give my old house in Academy of Industry in New Babbage an overhaul...

Carriage Houses was once a common sighting in the UK back in the days of horse drawn carriages.  Better known as Coach Stops they are little more than two storey victorian era homes with a set of carriage and horse stables tacked onto the side.

I finally managed to get around to adding a study to the upper floor with the spare prims i had from moving the studio out of the carriage side :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Viewer 1.23 on its last legs...

Theres probably not a lot of you left out there who are still using the old 1.23 standard viewer from Linden Lab, however fi you are be warned that the lab has pulled ALL support for this outdated viewer completley.

Removed download links from the old viewer wiki page

Removed as a supported viewer completley from the wiki page

It was also totally removed from the Alternative Downloads page as well. As has been said a few times by various Lindens, 2012 will be the year of the old 1.23 based viewers being completley depreciated by Linden Lab to the point that a lot of the new upcoming features, including the new inventory system will basically break all 1.23 based viewers including Pheonix Viewer.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Mr Pearse popped over to my TARDIS this week and left me a present which could only be seen when i opened the door..