Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas at Brunel Hall Hotel

Hello folks!

Wednesday the 19th will see the start of the Muirsheen Durkin Christmas Buffet.  For the folks who are new to the hotel and to the restaurant, every Christmas for the past 3 years a massive buffet has been layed out which spans the entire Christmas and New Year period.

The restaurant food rezzers will be replaced with a new system as well, we have been using KK Foods system for the past 2 years but it has become horribly outdated...and very.. VERY primmy.  The new system will be from Aphrodite Restaurant and Shop.  On Wednesday all food rezzers will be switched out to the holiday season food's with the buffet (the buffet itself is only for show, unless you want to eat standing up).  SL Families will also be able to have their child pop over for a Christmas dinner as two of the tables along the aquarium side will have a "high chair" with a special kids christmas dinner menu.

The buffet layout will be where the current pastry bar is on the restaurant level.  The pastry bar will be back once the holiday season is over.

On Friday 21st the Great Big Brunel Hall Christmas party will kick off in the basement bar at 6pm SLT with your truley as the DJ.  For the folks that cant make that Christmas Party at 6pm, there will be an earlier party in The Back Room (Garnet Psaltery's place) at 12 noon on Friday 21st!

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe Christmas, and see you all in 2013!

Vic Mornington
Brunel Hall Hotel & Muirsheen Durkin Bar Restaurant.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Who? - The Aether Salon

A lot fo you would have attended the Doctor Who RP talks i hosted at the IFT Faire and Convention this year and last year.

This Sunday (December 16th at 2pm) at the Aether Salon in New Babbage I'll be presenting an hour long Salon chat about Doctor Who RP.  Compared to the IFT talks this one is 10 times more important.  The Aether Salon in New Babbage has been running these monthly talks for a number of years now.  Folks from a vast cross section of the steamlands attends these chats.

With the sudden rise in annoying underagers using consoles to land at public destinations using varying consoles, the line between them, and the real roleplayers who are part of the steamlands has to be drawn...we aint all brainless idiots in 0 day old accounts running around saying "I'm Da Doctorz!".

SLURL of the chat this December 16th at 2pm SLT... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Academy%20of%20Industry/2/63/106

Saturday, 8 December 2012

New avatar

Thought i'd spruce up my avatar, i usually buy a new skin every november, this time i went all the way, new skin, new hair, slightly different shape and ive started shopping for mesh clothes as well.

Christmas at Brunel Hall

The decorations are up!  YAY!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

SL Avi Choice Awards

So, ive basically just found out that i have been nominated for the Best DJ catagory for the 2012 SL Avi Choice Awards :o


Link is above if ya wanna vote :D  Also, theres a whole bunch of great content makers up for voting in the other categories, have a look around and vote for the ones ya like!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Final Thoughts on IFT

So as a lot of you now know the SciFi Faire which ended recently will be my last time heading up the Dr Who Expo, group and community for a while in those faires.  Nodster will be taking over that role and also taking over for the planning of the Dr Who RFL Team for next year.

The reason im backing away from both the captaincy of the RFL Dr Who Team and the IFT faires is because next year for Relay for Life 2013 i'll actually be on the RFL Committee, heading up one of the RFL comittee teams.  The Relay for Life 24 hour track event takes place about two weeks after the main IFT SciFi Convention (the big 6 sim one) its too close to the RFL track event on the 40+ sims plus for about 2 or 3 months before that main RFL track event i'll be busy with RFL full time anyway.

So Nodster takes over the running of the Dr Who booths at the faire and also leads the Dr Who RFL Team into it's third year as a team.  While i move on to the planning groups of Relay for Life itself.

As for this years Faire...it was busy, no getting around that.  Compared to previous faires this one was one of the best, steady foot traffic, good staff but as i said at the end meeting of the faire there is still some niggling problems.  One of those problems have plagued the faires and conventions since they began, the complete lack of marketing.  Hardly anyone i talked to in New Babbage or outside of the SciFi community even knew the faire was on.  Thats something the folks who will be running the faire and convention next year needs to work on.

There was also a air of seperatism going on, which has been getting worse and worse over the past few years.  Other Sci Fi groups pop in, build their booth, and then dont leave it, they sit there for an entire week at their booth never visiting anyone else, rarley saying hello and to be honest i bet half of them was actually bots, placed there to make it look like their scifi group was more busy than anyone elses.  Well it didn't, it made them look like a bunch of anti social roleplayers to a lot of other folks...thats something else which needs to be addressed by whoever is running the faire and convention next year.

All in all though, it was a fun time.  The Dr Who Expo was the first of the dr who regions to take part in the conventions and faires, now all the other dr who content producers and sims take part in it.  However the amount of actual "new" people looking at these conventions and faires is flat lining, again, its down to marketing...no one knows these events are actually going on.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Brunel Hall Halloween Monster Mash!

Brunel Hall's swimming pool has been converted into a halloween party spot for the October 31st Halloween Monster mash!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Little Holo....

Any of you following me on Twitter ( @vic1st ) will probably see the little arguement i have been having with everyone's loveable backstabbing twerp... Holocluck Henly.

For months now, he's been taking opportunities here and there to make little snide remarks about New Babbage and using the #newbabbage hash tag thingy to propogate his propoganda to all his friends.  His latest one which set me off went too far...

"Enjoying one of those rare times in #NewBabbage for a @radioriel show hosted by Mr Ed Pearse. Neutral territory without shunners' banlines"

The "shunners banlines" can be tracked back to that incident where little Holocluck said that folks in New Babbage was into "Bestiality" because they was pining after someone who was a farm animal from the waist down.  You all probably read that post i made ages ago on the subject.  After word got out about Holo saying some of the females was into bestiality, some of those females banned the little backstabbing twerp from their parcels...dont blame them to be honest.

Holo however has now went on his twitter and said that I had twisted everything he said, that it was about someone else...the VERY telling fact that it was about me and some of the regular females comes from that same blog post of his... heres the picture...

See that line, at the bottom?  The one that starts with "Update"?

That woman who was now the same species was Tess Tripsa, who started trying out a lesser detailed set of...wait for it... SATYR LEGS!  Yeah, thats right folks...and ive been wearing satyr legs for the better part of two years now...

Holo saying it wasn't about me...LMAO, his own blog blew his own argument out of the water.   Ya see thats the inherent problem with liars like holo.  They weave so many lies and doubts in their own blog posts and what they say to other people in Second Life that sooner or later...if you give them enough rope...they eventually hang themselves.  That is exactly what i done with little holo.

I sat here for months and watched as he made little snide comments about NB in twitter...and after enough time little Holo felt more relaxed, "the big evil scottish guy isnt arguing anymore" little holo probably thought...

...then i did...and he had layed out so much rope by himself, that he basically hanged himself with the "its NOT about YOU" when his own blog post puts the later events right inline with that woman being the same species as...ME!


Also the flat out blatant lies that Holo had spread about the Steampunks chat at that time becoming overly Adult in nature with regards to folks who was having a bit of fun in Steampunks is shown by anyone who is actually in the Steampunks chat.  There has been two, or maybe three instances over the past 3 years when an admin or Mr Tenk himself has had to step in and stop a conversation that was turning adult, and those two times the discussion was not about "sex" it was about two things which usually does cause a heated discussion... politics, and building.

God...i love Holo...I really do,  When he's not being an ass he's actually quite a nice helpfull bloke, the problem is, latley...he's been too much of an ass.


Was in a picture taking mood this morning...

All pictures taken around the City State of New Babbage

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Brunel Hall/Muirsheen Durkin

I was wondering how the hotel was a bit more busier than usual...


3rd down :)

Monday, 8 October 2012

It's been 3 years already?!

On October 3rd 2009, the sim which would eventually become Academy of Industry was opened.  On October 10th of the same year the first prims of the building which would eventually become the steamlands largest hotel, and largest mesh building, would be rezzed.

Academy of Industry and Brunel Hall Hotel celebrate the 3rd anniversary of opening this Friday 12th of October!

Dj: Vic Mornington
October 12th @ 5pm SLT


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New Babbage Pump House

The Pump House

The Pump House by Victor1st Mornington
The Pump House, a photo by Victor1st Mornington on Flickr.

Beware of rip offs....

First theres this, sold by Super Jansma...

...which looks remarkably like this, sold by someone ive never heard of...


Both in turn look remarkably like the Daleks from this L4D mod....


Beware rip off artists stealing other folks content from outside of SL and selling it within SL to make money from other folks hard work.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Clockhaven Square - Early Morning

I've decided to start taking pics more regularly...heck, may as well get my moneys worth out of that Flickr Pro account :)

Clockhaven Square in the region Clockhaven, part of the City State of New Babbage.

Via Flickr:
Standing in Clockhaven Market Square in the early morning

Taken at Clockhaven (206, 182, 108)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The end of an era...

The original prim build of Brunel Hall which dates back as one of the first buildings built on site in Academy of Industry...is gone...

The picture above is of the original "Crumb Hall" which was completed on October 10th, 2009.  It was the first on site build in Academy (the first completed build was Cocoajava, which was moved from Pallisade).  The original building above retained its shape (Muirsheen Durkin bar filled up the entire floor of the original wall halls).

The old hall became legendary and the constant expansion, overhauling and further expansion coined a new phrase....Morningtonizing....

...and it expanded once...


...and when i ran out of land space i expanded upwards....

and then expanded downwards into the new basement bar of Muirsheen Durkin...

However, time moves on.  The hotel was seriously becoming a nightmare to overhaul, meshing just the front wall and the stairs wasnt enough.  The mess of the internal structure of the original hall prims was also becomeing more and more apparent and each small change in the layout of the bar side affected countless walls on the back side which was all based on sliced megaprims, because the bulk of the overhauls was before the 64m prim limit came in.

So i decided to bite the bullet.  Brunel Hall is now FULL MESH...

The above picture shows the old prim build above the replacement mesh build.  The new mesh build is an exact replica in size and textures of the old hotel, but its 250 less LI (prims) than the original and is a much cleaner and easier to manage build compared to the original.

There is one single part left of the old hall that dates back to October 10th 2009, the old prim reception desk at the entrance...its the only prim part left of the old building.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Getting political

Yes, im gonna talk politics.

I was a lifelong Labour supporter.  Always voted Labour.  Then Tony changed the party and it slowly became nothing more than the conservative party with a different colour and name.  It was the Labour party which brought in ESA, the new benefit made to "help" disabled and ill people, like myself.

The ESA system which i have talked about a couple of times before totally ignores what your own GP (doctor) says and judges if you are fit for work by a simple checklist of 17 descriptors on the computer.  People found "fit for work" have included the following...

People with terminal cancer
People with a severe heart condition
People in a COMA (yes, in a damn COMA)
People with severe mental health issues
People with severe final stage M.S (multiple sclerosis)

The list goes on, and on, and on.

It was widley reported by The Guardian, The Independant and civil rights bloggers that since the Conservatives along with the lapdog Liberal Democrat party came into power...that over ONE THOUSAND disabled and severely i'll people found "fit for work"...have died.  Their final days spent in agony with either no benefit at all, or forced to work in unacceptable jobs.

...and now this... http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/sep/03/disabled-benefits-claimants-fines-work

The same people who are actually found NOT fit for work by ATOS...will now be forced to work, sometimes for free.  If they refuse, their benefits will be but to 20%.  These people will be forced to live on about £26 a week.  With that they will have to buy food, pay for electricity, for gas, pay rent...

I have had it with Westminster, The Conservatives, the Labour party and the brain dead Liberal Democrats have now initiated a full out war against the sick, the disabled and the handicap.

This kind of thing is what is pushing folks up here in Scotland closer, and closer toward full independence from the rich boys club thats now driving this country into the ground.  The quicker the independence referendum arrives...the better.  Scotland...its own country, free from the despots of the Conservatives and Labour.  As far as I am concerned it cant come quick enough.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Asylum of the Daleks

SPOILERS!  If ya aint watched it yet then dont read on!


Just watched Asylum of the Daleks.

Moffat has said that this season is going to be single story "blockbusters".  Judgeing by Asylum, it looks like he is right.  Smiths previous season seen budget cuts by the BBC and the rumor is this season's budget was increased to bring it inline to what Tennant's final season was.  Lots of Daleks around including the classic series Dalek and even a Special Weapon's Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks during McCoy's run in the 80's.

The interesting plot point for me though was the final 5 minutes.  The Dalek's being made to "forget" the Doctor.

This single plot point has closed off one of the major problems Moffat would have in bringing back Gallifrey either at the end of this season or the end of the 50th anniversary season which will kick off in Autumn of 2013.

The biggest problem with the Timelords returning was always with The Daleks.  The minute the Timelords came back, the Daleks would no doubt attack and start off the war all over again. 

Making the Daleks forget the Doctor not only wipes from the Daleks memory every single encounter the Doctor had with them, it may also technically wipe from the Daleks memory the actual Time War itself.  Think about it...

Every single encounter the Daleks had with the Timelords in every single episode of the classic series was with The Doctor (barring the appearance of The Meddling Monk in his final showing during the Hartnell run).  The Last Great Time War was led by the Doctor according to the sontaran guy during Poison Skys.

The Daleks have forgotten The Doctor...therefore if the Time Lords came back, the Daleks would technically have very little, if any knowledge of Gallifrey or the Timelords and wouldnt go on a full out assault of Gallifrey straight away.

This single episode has made it possible for Moffat to reintroduce Gallifrey again sometime in the future.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Up Yours ATOS!

Some of you may remember that in February, as part of the "Employment and Support Allowance" (basically disability allowance under a new name) that i had to go to a medical with ATOS Healthcare, a private company who is trying to kick off as many folks from disability and put them into jobs via the job centre.

Well, i appealed it in February.  The tribunal was today, a judge and a doctor heard my case...and they have overturned ATOS Healthcare's original decision.

As reported by the news and national newspapers, of the people who fail these ATOS tests...40% of them appeal it.  Of that 40% just over 60% of them WIN the appeal.  The blatant misdiagnosis time and time again from ATOS Healthcare is putting disabled folks in seriously health threatening positions.

Still, i won the tribunal, and the ATOS decision was overturned.

Fuck you ATOS healthcare!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Running around like headless chickens...

I was doing the usual round of the blogs after the news of Second Life going on Valve's Steam platform was broken yesterday.

The usual crowd of tin foil hat "THIS WILL KILL SL" folks are having an absolute FIELD DAY with this.  None more so than the clueless masses on Hamlet the Has Beens blog.  I bet old Hammy is now pissing himself in fear, Hammy knows that SL being on steam will garner the attention of MAJOR gaming bloggers...his days at the top are now coming to a close.  Everyone is playing this thing down to be something "bad" for Second Life but lets take a look at some of the facts shall we?

The announcement mentioned here ... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Second-Life-is-Expanding-to-Steam/ba-p/1637751 has one HUGE clue which half of these dimwitted fools missed...and its was this announcement from Valve itself... http://store.steampowered.com/news/8584/

Everyone is running around saying SL will be inundated with the FPS kiddy gamers who will run around greifing.  The FACT here is simple.  SL will be included in the NEW Valve system.

As stated in the Valve announcement, the overhauled version of Steam will have a new category layed out for "creativity to productivity" titles.  Creativity would be the section that Second Life would fall into.  That section will not garner the attention of the underage masses of teenage kids who run around in games like Call of Duty or games based on the Source engine and shoot each other all day.

 Linden Lab is aiming for the 25 to 40 age range which makes up about 25% of that total amount of that 40 million user base of Steam.  In that age range you have game developers, game journalists, software programmers and other "creative" type people who will look at Second Life, remember hearing about it in the press back in 2007 and think "hmmm....yeah, i'll give it a try, hell it's in Steam afterall".

You all need to remember that certain "rules" have to be passed before Valve Software will agree to add a new title to their Steam platform.  The goalposts have shifted now and again but the basics of those rules is the title being added must be developed and have a development roadmap which will see it through the foreseeable future.  Linden Lab MUST have submitted the case for Second Life being added and the bosses at Valve looked at the roadmap and agreed.

Its as simple as that....

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Second Life to be on Steam

Best damn decision Rod Humble has made to date....


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Freds Return

It's Air Kraken festival and season time in New Babbage, and once again old Fred has decided to chew on the clocktower of Brunel Hall....


For more info on the Air Kraken Festival... visit http://cityofnewbabbage.com/reader/node/5735

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The SL Doctor Who Newsletter

The first part of the Gateway plan is now underway... for more info visit http://drwhoexpo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-second-life-dr-who-newsletter.html

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Its starting...

As reported on http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/2012/08/01/bob-komin-leaves-linden-lab/ (which quite frankly is the only trustworthy news blog about LL) Bob Komin is gone.

Bob was one of the high ups.  Upper management of Linden Lab.  He was there for the Mark Kingdon (M Linden) tenureship as CEO and according to several folks was instrumental in getting Rod Humble as the current CEO.

So what does this mean...Bob has gone, does it mean that LL is a sinking ship and Bob is running off?


Does it mean that Bob thinks he's done all he can to forward Linden Lab and now thinks that its time for the new CEO to shine?


Bob is more than likley off to another company which is in need of a shake up.  If you take a look at the current management of Linden Lab, which you can see here http://lindenlab.com/about/management you'll notice two things.  Rod Humble...who used to work for EA, infact he was a Vice President of an entire division of EA and of course, Will Wright, that genius of a man who gave us Spore and so many other RTS games and simulation games.

If the Lab was a sinking ship, do you honestly think that Will Wright would want his name attached to it?  For that matter, do you think that Rod Humble who was a Vice President of EA Play and responsible for green lighting The Sims (which was developed by Will Wright) would stay on as CEO?

Of course they wouldn't!  They would both bail out and look for other high paying jobs elsewhere.

What do i mean by the blog post title of "Its Starting"?  Well, Bob was a hands on man.  The way i see it Bob has went on to be hands on at another company.  Bob also knows that Linden Lab is now in a far, far better shape as a company now, than it was when he took up office in 2010.  He also knows that the current CEO, Rod Humble, is the right man for the top job to carry Linden Lab into 2013.  What has started is the progressive ongoing overhaul of Linden Lab from the inside...by Rod Humble, and not Bob Komin.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Shadows Silhouette

I thought i'd have written about Shadows Silhouette before, but I aint, which is a shame cause its a really nice place.

Dance Revue spots in Second Life is few and far between.  New Babbage used to have the New Champagne Rooms although it was more burlesque in nature than a dance revue.  Shadows has been running for a while now and have weekly shows with a new theme each month.  Last month it was Steamdolls...this month its Bondage.


No...that that type of Bondage...

Bond...age, James Bond :)

It looks like the two Shadows Silhouette sims are in the middle of a rebuild as well, last time i was at one of their sets (about a month ago) the sims was set up in a sorta mid 50's typical US town center...looks like they are going for a pseudo Victorian/Steampunk look.

Anyway, they have a group joiner thingy next to the main stage, join the group so you can keep track of their dance sets :D


Monday, 23 July 2012

The Season 27 Time Rotor

The time rotor itself is based off of the few actual pictures of the model of the season 27 console there is. The console part is from Hands of Omega (they have a Season 27 full console room). The Second Life S27 build is an old one, made during 2007 and back then little was known about the cancelled season console.

After a LOT of digging around (mostly in the TARDIS builder forum) i came across two low resolution close up shots of the model. The rotor is housed inside two long cylinders which in turn is housed inside the outer cylinder which connected to the ceiling and the console's rotor collar. From the design of the inside, what little detail there was suggested a twin rotor style (like the McGann and Eccleston/Tennant console) the upper rotor slides down over the lower rotor with a light red, almost pink colour to the tubing inside and ringed white lights dotted down the inner rotor column itself.

Revamped Teen Dr Who Expo

The Teen Dr Who Expo outpost in the Epic region has been given a full overhaul.

The original Teen Expo build was there for a long time, replacing the old greek build which was also there for a long time.  This time around the very popular SciFi Convention building was repurposed and altered for the new Teen Doctor Who Expo!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Meeeeeeeshhhhhhh - The overhaul of Brunel Hall

Laying down the prim work for the side wall of the hotel to convert it to MEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The refit of Brunel Hall's outside walls is basically complete.  Thanks to Mr Tenk showing what Mesh Studio (from the same creator of Sculpt Studio) can do...all of the outside timber work, windows and supports are now in mesh.  Sure, the mesh timbers are a few prims more than the old sculpted 30m wide timber work but the trade off is a good one...

29 prims for that whole front wall section including the detailed slot window frames and the curved supports of the upper floors.

The trade off i speak about?

Linden Lab have altered the way things have started to download, i noticed it a while back.  You clear your cache infront of a building that uses sculpts, prims and mesh and youll find the mesh loads instantly, the prims load next and the sculpt loads last.  The old facade of the hotel was covered in sculpts...and for a few minutes or more those sculpts looked like large elongated baloons.  Now with the mesh timber work and front bar wall, the hotel's outside walls load almost instantly from a cleared cache...which is very important to folks who are walking outside and thinking of going inside to look around.

The restaurant has been extended out as well, knocking out the old entrance foyer and merging the lot into one large room.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The self important entitleists...

Ya know, I've been seeing this appear more and more in the Dr Who group chat.

For the folks who don't know, Cheshyr Pontchartrain, owner of Novatech, the behemoth of a company that sells...well...a LOT of stuff...has been suspended for a week by Linden Lab.

The group chat which Sen from Hands of Omega started in the Dr Who group to inform people of whats going on and the blatant MISUSE of Lab staff power's to actually suspend Cheshyrs account started this ongoing babble about copyrights, then it went on to more self centred talk from one person in particular.  Harley Quinn...better known as Michelle.

According to Michelle the CEO of companies should offer her support...anytime she wants it...yes, that's right folks, the CEO...the head guy (or gal) of a company should offer Michelle support.

CEO's are there to run the company, the TECH SUPPORT people are there to help.  Michelle categorically said that she doesn't care about Cheshyr, because Cheshyr as CEO of his company (novatech) didn't offer her support?!

She then went on to say she wont buy anything from Hands of Omega and she will tell her friends not to buy anything from Hands of Omega because Sen Pixie (as the CEO of HoO) will not offer her support...even though HandsOfOmega Rau is the DEDICATED avatar name of the tech support for HoO.

To people like Michelle, the self centred, self important entitleists who think that people should be at their beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even if those people are NOT the dedicated Tech Support people...Second Life does not, and will never revolve around self centred little ego centric maniacs like you.

Grow up, act yer age, and use the PROPER support channels...idiots.

This is the problem with the SL community at large now...theres more and more people like Michelle who think that everyone should be at their back and call all day, every day.  To top this all off, just before i kicked Michelle from the group she went on about her being all buddy buddy with Kat Kassner, which i was expecting to happen eventually...the conversation started to slowly slide downhill even quicker after that.

That is something else I have been seeing a lot of.  Kassners friends, trying to stir up trouble within the Doctor Who group itself.  They come in and start a general arguement (like Michelle done) and then drop the "ohhhhhhhh but NLS is far superior" or the "ohhhh but Kat Kassner said *insert shit here*.

Some of you may have noticed...I have been quiet lately with Kassner and her merry gang.  I'm now content to sit back and do my stuff, and they can sit back and do their stuff.  However...here is a warning.  If this trolling shit continues from friends of Kassner's (and trust me...i know who you are), then this little quiet phase will be over...VERY ABRUPTLY.

It is now getting to the stage where I have little to no tolerance at all for idiots.

A return to basics...

About this time every year, as July slowly runs into August, and usually after RFL finishes....i get a bit...build happy.

...about this time every year...i decide to rebuild my TARDIS.

Introducing the Interocitor - Season 27

Interocitor base room by Novatech, but with mesh roundel walls, dropping each wall section of roundels from 20+ to only 2 prims each...

Season 27 Hands of Omega console with original room roof installed.  Redone time column to match it as close as possible to the few remaining pictures online of the BBC S27 console model...which is this...

Extended hallway out joining up to Addisen "The Teacher" Lawksley's console

Lounge...fish tank is there of course, it was behind the camera view :p

Logopolis Cloister Room...Hands of Omega

Study and Library

Cell Regeneration Room

At the far end is Addisen's console...shes been working on it on and off since she seen the original build of the Cabbits which they submitted to the Mod Job Competition last year...

The redesigned TARDIS set is a major departure from the more Victorian looking mod jobs i do, the S27 based Victorian console is still in the horizons rezzer and is still my favorite, but i wanted a more classic series based set for a little while :)

...and so it begins...

Relay for Life is over...well, technically its over in August, but for the fundraising side, its over.  IFT SciFi Convention is gone, IFT wont be running it and anyway the next one (there will be a next one) wont be until next year..and SL9B was done and dusted a while ago.

The May till July months in SL to do with the Dr Who community has been the busiest EVER.  Literally...EVER.  Three different events, one running into the other.  The impact of SL9B and the larger RFL campsite alone has seen a large upsurge of new folks jopining the community.  Last month i deleted about 500 inactive accounts (folks who aint logged in for a year).  After RFL was over, that 500 that was dropped has been replaced by almost 350.  The staggering amount of folks who had no clue that there was a Doctor Who community in Second Life that was as big as it is still surprises me.

The past 2 years the major focus of my "marketing" of the Dr Who community has been outside of SL.  With Podshock now a regular occurrence (next party is in late August) and the wider world seeing the interviews i done for SL9B and for RFL, its time to look inward...to Second Life itself.

The Gateway plan has now started...

A two phase project culminating in all 5 of the "hub" sims being almost joined at the hip.  It will kick off with the Community Newsletter, a fortnightly notecard sent out to everyone in the main Dr Who group with permanent landmarks to all 5 regions, permanent landmarks to the top Dr Who stores, latest RP news, latest store sales and any other news which is from the 5 major regions.

This newsletter is still in the planning stage but it will become the one stop shop for any and all news in the Dr Who community within Second Life.

Thats stage 1.

Stage 2 is the actual gateway itself...and that's still being planned cause to be honest I've been through 5 plans for the gateway already and all of them sucked when i finished building it  >.<

Saturday, 14 July 2012


July 14th and 15th marks the big event for the Relay for Life of Second Life season...the 24 hour relay event...

JULY 14TH 2012:
Opening Ceremony - 10 am - The fun-filled weekend begins!

CELEBRATE - 11 am - The first lap of Relay weekend begins with the celebrate ceremony. A Survivor/Caregiver honor walk. Please line the track and celebrate our heroes.

REMEMBER - 9pm - the Luminaria Ceremony - a solumn reflection with readings and inspirational music; sims are darkened in remembrance of those and their loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer or are still battling it; all are invited to participate. Please walk the track in silence.

JULY 15TH 2012:
FIGHT BACK -6am- Pick up your specially made RFL HOPE Cape and Fight Back Flags - available at the Relay Stations, and join us as we make our fight back pledges to save a life this year -your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don't even know yet. Together we all can FIGHT BACK against cancer.

Closing Ceremony - 10 am - Come to close out our amazing weekend with this closing tribute to what we've accomplished and how we will, as ONE big Relay For Life of Secondlife team, continue to Fight Back and keep our Hope alive.

Ceremony Stage SLURL's


...and if you are running the track, or visiting, pop in to the Doctor Who Fans in SL RFL Campsite!


See you all there!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

As the July 14th and 15th relay event draws nearer in Second Life, i thought i'd give everyone an update on how much has been raised by the Doctor Who Fans in Second Life team...

At the time of writing this we have raised over 460,000 Linden Dollars. When converted to US Dollars the total comes to just over... $1800 US Dollars!

The entire Dr Who community has been working hard selling items in Second Life and donating the money straight to ACS and Relay for Life! There is only a week and a half more to go and the RFL 2012 season in Second Life comes to an end. Can we make Platinum which is 500,000 Linden Dollars before July 7th? Who knows!

Thanks to everyone so far for their absolutley fantastic donations, if you are reading this and you would like to donate to the Relay for Life of Second Life which raises find for the American Cancer Society then click here...

Dr Who Fans of SL Donation Page

All money goes straight to ACS, and for the foilks outside the United States...the money raised by ACS also helps your countrys national cancer society!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dr Who Expo and HoO @ SL SciFi Convention!

The IFT SL SciFi Convention is a convention in SL which pops up early summer of the year. The Dr Who Expo, Hands of Omega, Who Island, Paradox Island, Olyesti and a whole host of Dr Who content producers are in it this year as always!

The DWE & HoO Booth


Novelli Noir and Paradox Island


This link will drop you at the DWE & HoO booth - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SLSFC5%20NORTHEAST/27/74/30

Also, for folks on a Hands of Omega console, the 4 main booth sims have a HoO landing rezzer in the middle, look for IFT SciFi Convention on the list!

See ya all here!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A sneek peek at the mesh Dalek avatars...