Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Torley pays the Expo a visit :)


The Destination Giude!

Kronopolis City, the new look for the Doctor Who Expo has made it into the Destination Guide for Second Life under the Editors Picks catagory!  :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Debs Regent - A liar and backstabber

Most of you know about the small mini Dr Who expo we had in the London England UK sim (mostly known as Hyde Park).

It's ran by Debs Regent and was a former Second Life Gateway.

Two years ago i was approcahed by Debs to set up a mini expo of Dr Who in the sky above Hyde Park for the new folks to see some Doctor Who content.

Last year i was asked by Debs Regent to place out some vendors in the back of it.  Last week stuff got returned.  I was told by Regent Parks (some land officer bloke) that it was because some residents complained there was vendors...fair enough i thought, the rest of the expo is still up there.

I went there today, it wasnt.  They returned EVERYTHING and kicked me out of the London Sims build group.  The whole lot is gone.  Two years of supporting Debs Regent and the London Sims, and all that work has been returned and i get kicked out of the group because of vendors which Debs Regent wanted there in the first place.

It's now been replaced by a Pipa Novelli TARDIS which Regent Parks bought and placed out.

...the thing is, as I said earlier, Debs ASKED ME to put those vendors out!  When i messaged Debs i got no reply, i got no reply to several notecards sent to her either.  Once again, she let her staff do the dirty work, which is a trait that a lot of her former staff have come to me since then and told me about.

Two years of work, advertising them and helping them with their Doctor Who weekend long party this year, and this is the treatment we get back from them...

The fact of the matter here is that Debs Regent has slowly been losing a lot of ground when it comes to "London" themed regions in Second Life.  It has not just been me that she and her power hungry staff have been stabbing in the back.  Some of her more trusted staff dating back to the days of her regions being a gateway have been stabbed in the back, lied about, trolled and even abuse reported by Debs OWN top end staff.

This is the kind of place that Debs runs, she casually turns a blind eye to the constant drama, bickering, lies and all out trolling that her own top end "management" level staff do every week.  When it comes to offering support to the people who helped her achieve what she did back in 2010/11, she stands in the sidelines, and lets her management staff do the dirty work.

Little wonder why Mainland London has now overtaken Debs Regents London sims as the top place to be.

Don't bother visiting the London Hyde Park sims folks, or any other sim maintained or owned by Debs Regent Virtually Linked...its owned by a backstabber and a flat out liar.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Mainland - Full of assholes

...yeah not only that, assholes who cant build worth a damn and stick up giant prim boxes to totally block yer view.

Take for instance this lovley picture...

Thats the view i woke up to this morning on my mainland plot.

The back end of the parcel is now totally blocked by some megaprim view crap to give the self centered ignorant fuckwit living inside it some "privacy".  Privacy?  HELLOOOOOO?  I can still cam into your blingtard crappy little overprimmed 2005 build mansion house!

I AR'ed the whole wall...not that LL will do a damn thing about it since they have obviously lost interest in anything to do with mainland.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

What exactly will a new Katrina mean?

I hear around various other sci-fi sims and groups that questions have been raised as to what exactly a new Katrina ground, new set up and new Zenobia Station will actually mean for the Dr Who community and more especially the regular and semi regular visitors in and around the old Cardiff.

Good question...

I'll answer it laters today, since ive just spent 7 hours setting up the new rental boxes in the new mall >.<

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Zenobia Project

As many Timelord RP'ers have now realised...the overhaul of Katrina has meant that the first and largest of the Gallifreyan semi-canon line stations has vanished...

Zenobia Time Station was the first of the places in Katrina to go, but its not forgotten.

That station has taught me a few things in station design and more importantly, working with megaprims.  Fast forward a couple of years after the old Zenobia was built, and 64m prims are in, cutting prim count down for many large rooms.

The old semi-canon Zenobia may be gone, but it is being replaced with the REAL canon Space Station Zenobia as seen in Trial of a Timelord (Colin Baker era).  It will be the single largest Dr Who based station, like its predesessor but with a massive difference, it will be 3 times larger than the old station...

Preliminary work on the basics of the outer hull has started, however, this station is basically sim sized, it will cover much of the air above Katrina and be enclosed in a full space scene.  This will not be the rush job that the old Zenobia Station was...this time, im gonna do this right.

The picture below is the only known pre production shot of the stations model that was used for that infamous opening shot of Trial of a Timelord...

As I said...this HAS to be done it will take some weeks before Space Station Zenobia officially opens up for roleplay.

The New Era Begins

Building work on the new look Doctor Who Expo is fast underway, we are pinning for November the 19th (the day of Podshock) to be the official opening party of the new look sim.

Until then, heres a pic of the new canal :)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

An era is over...

For 4 years the Cardiff Bay theme in the Dr Who Expo (katrina sim) has been a fixed point in the Doctor Who community in Second Life.

In less than 10 minutes, a landmark in SL Sci-Fi and the Dr Who Community was trashed...

...and as soon as most of the old sim was deleted, the builds for the new sim started getting placed down!

Friday, 4 November 2011

A few pics

Some piccies i took of the brand new region tacked on to the north end of New Babbage, the sim is called North Fells and has replaced the old Raimondo sandbox.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The redesign of the Dr Who Expo

It's no secret now.

By hook, or by crook, by the time the end of the first weekend of November is over...this will be going bye bye...

The oldest Doctor Who fan region in Second Life, 4 years old this year, and half a decade old next year has been the familiar old Cardiff Bay since its original inception with the owners EzY McAlpine, Marinedalek Tomorrow and Nodster Tardis.

It has been the stopping off point for the past 4 years for new Dr Who fans in SL.  The meeting place for the revamped Podshock parties, home to the first Dr Who museum in Second Life and the place where the landmark Millennium Centre stood.

Over the past year, the owners of the Dr Who Expo, myself included, toyed with the idea of finally getting rid of the Cardiff theme, and replacing it with a new showcase design, a revamped and revitalised new design for the Doctor Who Expo, a design which will utilise the new building techniques of Second Life...mesh.

This weekend, Cardiff will be deleted...and replaced with the newer, more eye catching and much more up to date build.  Focusing on a generalised future vision of a section of a sci-fi city, with towering curved skyscrapers, a new redesigned mall, a new welcome centre, new home for the museum, and featuring more open grass and water features with a raised platform for general gatherings.  It will also feature a new redesigned Zenobia Station, new layout for the welcome area, completely new open plan design for the mall and a more general built up look.

Cardiff has served the Katrina sim well, but after 4's time for :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Begging Freebie Culture

I've noticed it...

You folks int he Dr Who community have probably noticed it more and more over the past year or so.  The Dr Who Community has been inundated with the begging freebie culture.

I've been in Star Trek groups, Battlestar Galactica Groups, Star Wars groups, and so far the worst of the sci-fi groups to have this begging culture is the Dr Who community.  I'm getting 5 or 6 messages like this a day now...

[09:46] doc12345: hi
[09:46] Victor1st Mornington: ello
[09:47] doc12345: you hawe some money
[09:48] Victor1st Mornington: yup
[09:48] doc12345: how much
[09:48] Victor1st Mornington: why you asking?
[09:49] doc12345: i wana know '
[09:50] Victor1st Mornington: why?
[09:50] doc12345: send me a tp
[09:50] doc12345: can i borow 100L
[09:50] Victor1st Mornington: no

It's blatantly obvious these folks are kids, probably around 10 to 14 years old.  With the growth of the Dr Who community comes the now massive problem of at LEAST 25% of them being kids, under the age of 15 thinking that they can have a free ride in the Dr Who groups.

The last two months (strangley enough while i was on my break) there was a sudden upsurge of these begging kiddies all over the place, in the groups, in folks IM's.  Word probably got out that "Mornington aint here, lets beg!"

Guess what beggars...

I'm back...I catch you begging, asking for consoles, sending messages to folks in the Katrina sim asking for money, consoles, police boxes, avatars and the usual freeloading attitude that I've been pushing back'll find yourself banned, permanently.

2nd Annual Brunel Hall Halloween Party

Pictures from the 2nd annual Brunel Hall Halloween Party!