Monday, 26 September 2011

That Mornington is fuc**** everywhere!!!!!

So, i was doddling around in Brunel Hall, my hotel in Academy of Industry, New babbage...and i decided to nip back to my own TARDIS to check on some textures I was using for the new garden in it to see if i could get away with using them for the garden in the hotel.  My TARDIS doors was open inside the hotel and i noticed two new folks pop into the radar, never seen their names before but they was obviously Dr Who fans cause they was busy roleplaying.  It seems they landed in my other rezzer in Port Babbage and had walked into Academy from Port.

One of them was obviously checking who made Brunel Hall cause they commented OOC how good the place looked and then they said...

"Damn...its that Mornington guy...that mornington is fuc**** everywhere!!!!!"

It kinda made me chuckle.

It is true though, a lot of the roleplay landing spots for Hands of Omega and a few for DCL is under my name, im builds I made or close to builds i made.  But i aint "everywhere".  Here's a list of the places i actually own, live in, or run...

Fullarton House in the Clockhaven region of New Babbage, my first home in New Babbage and my secondary TARDIS.  I'm rarley in the place though...

The Carriage House, my private home at the far side of the Academy of Industry region of New Babbage, the carriage building part on the left is my photography studio.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Hall Hotel, the hotel ive been runing for two years and has been featured in a few SL magazines...this is where your likley to find me most days.  Ya cant miss the place, its the largest building in the Academy of Industry region of New Babbage, and the largest building (by land area) in the city.

Mornington's Cabin, another little retreat/holiday home I have, this one is recent.  In the quiet sim of Steelhead St Helens.

Type 42 Scout TARDIS.  This one is my private home, my main place to go to if i want to get away from everyone to sort inventory...thats why im not mentioning the region...cause its private :p

The Doctor Who Exposition, im one of the co-owners but latley (since im on a break) im hardly ever there.

Zenobia Time Station.  My own build and my former home, sitting at 600m above Katrina its the base of operations for House Cerulean in the Hands of Omega roleplay.

Thats basically it.  Out of all those places listed above im usually found in or close to Brunel Hall since it is a running business.  It just happens that a lot of the roleplay destinations in the hands of omega catagory is under my name, but for actual builds I own or co-own thats about it :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Noobs and Sandboxes...

Ya know...even with me taking a break i still get about 5 to 10 messages a day from folks that dont know im taking a break.  Although it does make a change from the 20 to 30 messages a day i usually get.

Latley there have been more and more complaints in the old Sandbox caretakers group which is sorta wrapped around the Builders Brewery group.  It's an offshot group from BB where all the private sandbox owners (not the LL owned lagfest sandboxes), have chats now and again.  Over the past year there has been an increasing number of begging, badly attired, 12 to 15 year olds running around in private sandboxes proclaiming they are "The Doctor" and shooting the place up, or more to the general chagrin of the sandbox owners...rezzing numbers of consoles stacked ontop of each other or next to each other on the ground.

The vast majority of these consoles?  N.L.S

Some of the sandbox moderators and owners have been messaging me over the past few months more and more since a lot of them recognise my name from the SLU forums as "The Doctor Who Man".  They have started coining the term "Noobs Lagging Sandboxes" when it comes to all these obvious kids rezzing the cheapest console they can get a hold of in SL which has a teleport capability, which is of course NLS, but has one major problem, as an owner of a sandbox said to me today...their scripting is "fucking god awfull".

Sen from HoO has already something in the works to offset the problems of folks rezzing a number of consoles in a private owned sandbox.  However as I have seen first hand today in the Whitmyre Sandbox and the Fermi sandbox, there are a load of kids out there rezzing the "fucking god awfull" NLS consoles, and not just one the case of Fermi at about 4pm SLT today one noob had rezzed 4 of them...stacked.

There's nothing i can do about something like that, even in the early days of this year when it started to happen more and morw with not just NLS but HoO, there was really nothing that could be done.  I did send out notices in the Dr Who group especially directed at the HoO users and Sen has made comments in the TARDIS Owners group as well, over the past 4 months the amount of HoO stacked consoles from noobs have declined as they have moved to the unpoliced Linden Lab ran sandboxes which is where builds that big should be in the first place.

The NLS noobs though?  They dont care...much like the creators of said console system.

I gave the sandbox owners some simple advice when it comes to these noobs rezzing consoles.  Ban them...and ban the use of consoles in their sandbox, not just NLS, but ALL of them.  That way it will force these resource hogging kids to move to the already laggy Linden Lab sandboxes and if they run around shooting folks there, the bigger griefers will chew them up and spit them out in pieces.  Once good way to teach these kids a lesson.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Build!

One of the best things about taking a long break from the Dr Who side of things is it gives me a chance to build stuff.

Little Zaida from Steelhead was wanting to replace her old hotel (The Geoduck Inn...pronounced Gooeyduck for some reason) with a new contemporary build which would fit in more with the general theme of the Steelhead Boomtown sim.  So i came up with this...based off of classic turn of the 20th century old colonial mansions around the oregon area.

The upper halls have been loosley based off of the upper hall of Brunel Hall Hotel, my own hotel in New Babbage...

I'm starting to seriously consider going into the home building business, but limiting the stuff i build for the Victorian/steampunk sims.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Democracy in Second Life

Here we go..again...

Prokofy Neva likes to coin the term of "FIC", the Feted Inner Core of Second Life made up of the oldbie accounts, the folks who have been in Second Life from almost the start of the world opening up.  Latley Gwyn made a blog post dragging up the old dead horse of "Democracy in Second Life".

Prok made a reply beating it down...

...its the same old story.  The oldbies, or the "FIC" as Prok calls them trying to get SL ran like a democracy, where there is a core "parliament" like group of 50 or so avatars "voted" in to "represent" the core interests of residents in Second Life.

"Voted" in meaning that big businesses like Anshe Chung would get an automatic spot, big bloggers like Gywn would get an automatic spot.  Basically the entire "Democratic Assembly" would be a whole bunch of big names who are TOTALLY out of touch with the rest of Second Life.

Can you imagine a Gorean community leader being voted into this new assembly?  What about a furry community leader?  A BDSM community leader?  Maybe a leader from one of the Sci-Fi communities?

No...they wouldnt be, it would be full of "normal" people with "normal" interests who have "normal" opinions, who probably hate goreans, dont really like furries and cant stand BDSM'ers.

Flip the coin a bit though, imagine there was a group of 50 or so people "representing" the SL community.  Now, throw in 2 or 3 Gorean community leaders, ontop of that throw in one or two BDSM community leaders.  Now ontop of that mix, throw in one "normal" representative who beleived in "Womens rights in Second Life".  Now, grab the popcorn, sit back, and watch the bloodbath.

Second Life has changed from their early days of being in this world.  Maintenance Wednesday when the whole grid was closed for updated for 24 hours no longer happens.  About 80% of the Linden employees who worked at that lab when Gwyn was a nooby have gone, LL has been through two CEO's they are now on their third.  The simple fact is...

...Democracy in SL is a lie, it wont work, cant work, and never will work.

Now I like Gwyn, she has the kind of avatar look that makes ya wanna run up to her and give her a big hug, she just looks...nice.  But please, enough with the democracy crap already...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Is mesh breaking the grid?

Since the rollout of mesh, stuff has been breaking.

It started with Cheshyr Pontchartrain (owner of Novatech) mentioning a problem with rezzing objects from specific rez box Novatech's "Horizons" and...well...about 90% of the other systems out there.  Large builds, basically builds with many parts have been rezzing in such a way that peices of the build rez more than 10 sims away at a distance of over 10,000M and then...vanish.  They dont go into Lost and Found, they are just gone.  This bug affects sims and parcels that have "No Object Entry" on.

The next bug is one to do with updates.  Namley HUDS or items actually attached to your avatar that relys on a prim being rezzed close to you for updating the HUD or items, much like EmDash...well, thats broke as well.

Oskar Linden has stated that there is an "emergency meeting" going on in the lab at the present monet of writing this blog entry to figure things out, but im starting to see a house of cards scenario beging to appear here where server rollouts for Mesh is starting to break everything else.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Season 27 Console - Steampunk Style

Redone my main console in my TARDIS, based off of the lost Season 27 console of the classic series...

Monday, 12 September 2011

New study and lounge

I thought it was about time i gave my actual home in New Babbage an overhaul...

...the new study and living room :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Torchwood - Miracle Day

So, just watched the final episode of Torchwood Miracle day.

Theres a thing about Russel T Davies, dont get me wrong he's great cause he brought back Doctor Who and all that but does anyone get the feeling that Torchwood Ep 2 to 9 was nothing but pointless filler?

The first episode set up the series great, the final episode ended it...kinda great, but those episode in the middle...felt basically like a waste of time.  Which is the problem with Russel T Davies.  He is probably one of the best management people around, able to bring in the best of the best, able to command the staff and get them into the same direction, but when it comes to story telling he...lacks something.

The 10 episodes of Miracle Day should have been 5 episode, or maybe even just 4.  The builk of the series felt like nothing more than filler and the ending obviously sets things up for a possible future series of Torchwood.  If Russel T Davis bring it back...hopefully he brings in another lead writer, cause another 10 episode arc with the bulk of the episodes between 1 and 10 was quite frankly pointless.


Sodding Linden Lab.

So here I was reading the SLU boards, just chilling out haveing a browse around and i said to myself "Vic, you do a lot of stuff in sandboxes...maybe signing up for premium to use those nice quiet premium only sandboxes would be a good idea."

So I did, signed up for a quarterly subscription, im now premium.

Less than TWO F***ING HOURS later...the Lab announce this...

I'm not sodding eligible cause I signed up at 10:30am SLT.

Once again, Linden Lab shafting the unwary...and once again, im gonna cancel my premium membership, last time was due to shit support, this time im cancelling cause LL are just...shit.

Kat Kassner, heartless troll

Some of you may already know about the death of the typist behind the avatar of Leia Rajal who was active in almost all of the major Doctor Who communities.  Earlier on this week a memorial was put up to remember Leia by and folks came over to pay their respects for a long time member of the Dr Who community who will no longer be among us.

Well, almost everyone payed their respects...Kat Kassner however...didnt.  Several folks have told me about a conversation which went on between Krassner and Leia's inworld SL "Mother".  I never seen the chat logs because as everyone knows handing over chat logs is against LL tos, but basically it was Kassner saying that she has reported folks close to Leia for "Fraud" and basically thinks the death is fake...the worst part is she was trolling all this while actually AT the memorial.  The person she chewed out, Leia's SL "mother" had never been a part of the Dr Who community before, and this was her first taste of it.

Kat are scum.  It's as simple and as plain as that.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Will Rod dump free accounts?

I was chatting away with Tony in IM about the direction Linden Lab is taking with the new CEO Rod Humble, and it made me think.  Lets take a look at what hes done so far.

1: Pushed forward the "basic viewer" mode.  The mode where all build tools are hidden.
2: Extended the list of default signup avatars to over 200% of what they used to be.
3: Made premium memberships slightly more appealing with gifts, a new premium only sandbox and all that.
4: Said that at the end of this year there will be a massive initiative to "stop" greifers.

The only way he can truley stop greifers is to do one of the following things.

Either rig the freebie accounts so they cant build, script, or rez stuff in land they dont own AT ALL, or, get rid of freebie accounts altogether.  Now I've been thinking that Rod was moving down the line of getting rid of freebie accounts.  After a certain date to make a new account ya had to pay.  However as Tony said this would sorley screw up the economy so im thinking what Rod is eventually gonna do by the summer of next year is hobble freebie accounts to the point where they can only chat in-world, they wont be able to build, they wont be able to script, they wont be able to rez stuff in land they are not a group member of or dont own.  Think about what Rod has done so far...

"Basic Viewer Mode": It hides all the build stuff, infact it hides virtuall everything to the point where all ya can do is walk around and socialise.

Defaut Signup Avatars: The default signup avatars are now from a massive cross range of all types, sci-fi, human, furry.  Perfect for folks who want to sign in on a freebie account to just socialise but not spend money to built, script etc etc etc.

Premium Membership Perks: First it was Linden Homes (which a lot of premiums took up) now its a premium only sandbox and gift perks, enticing more folks over to the premium way of life.

Stopping Greifer: This was the telling one, he announced it in SLCC this year.  Stopping griefers will be a dang hard thing to do and the only way to truley stop the part time greifers is hobbling their right to rez items inworld with a new account...or getting rid of freebie accounts altogether...or hiring more staff at the lab to police the grid.

It looks like the end of this year and the beginning of next is going to be very, very interesting.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The JLU, willing to support a copybotter

 EDIT: After leaving a comment questioning the JLU for allowing old Archie and his lapdog wolfie to comment on the JLU's Krypton Radio site, their comments on the KR site was deleted.  For me this was my problem with the JLU, the whole data collecting/wiki thing that is going on is ultimatley up to Linden Lab and the JLU to discuss, but as we all know LL doesnt do a dang thing about copybotters in Second Life...that is up to the common residents to chase down, which is exactly what i did.

I'd like to thank the JLU for restoring some semblance of normality in an otherwise shady and torrid past when it comes to Archie and his lapdog wolf.


Yeah, more JLU madness again.

You remember our old friend Archangel?  Ya know, the guy who ripped off one of the Katrina sim daleks?  Well it seems old Archie is now going to bat FOR the Justice League, and guess what folks...he has the full support of one of the higher up members of the Justice League...the same Justice League who is supposed to weed out copybotters and greifers from the SL community they are supposed to "protect".

Later on the 300+ page thread i linked to a public blog post on archies blog where he is spilling his guts about him losing his home...etc etc...he made the post shortly after he was publically gutted and hung by the folks of the SLU forums for supporting the JLU without reading over 300 pages of proof that something was seriously wrong with the Justice League's direction...due to the incompetence and mismanagement of folks like GreenLantern Excelsior and Kal-El.

Old Archy boys post was public...for everyone to read, going on about his RL problems, tryin to get that old sympathy vote out, but the kicker is while Archie should be trying to get his life back on track he was STILL posting away in that massive SLU thread calling folks like Desmond Shang (owner of the Caldeon sims) me, Ann OToole, Elysium Hynes (big dr who fan and content creator) and a whole long list of other Second Life content creators and residents a bunch of liars.

So, good old GreenLantern Excelsior then goes to...wait for it...The AlphaVille Herald for an interview, and casts up the fact that i brought up Archies blog post (which was public for all to see) as some kind of thing that ya dont do cause it reveals person info...ummm...


Not only does GreenLantern Excelsior and the higher ups of the Justice League not care ONE BIT that they are now in bed with one of the best known content thieves in the Dr Who community, it seems that GLE is now welcoming old Archie support?!

So, the JLU now only report and try and ban greifers and copybotters...but ONLY if it DOES NOT interfere with their plan to get a foothold into a community.  Well, ive already banned GLE from Katrina (old arhie was banned a long time ago, cause he...well..a theif) I already sent a notecard about Archies dealings in the Dr Who community to KalEl, and GreenLantern Excelsior must already know about Archies past, but hey it looks like the Justice League Unlimited now SUPPORT copybotting scum in their rank and file fans.

As such, as far as I am concerned the door of this community is now slammed closed on GLE and the Justice League's higher up "command staff" for supporting copybotters within the Doctor Who community.

The landmass of Antiquity have already thrown out the JLU in disgust at that antics of collecting privare and personal data of selected residents (a lot of them not even greifers) within Second Life.  Desmond Shang (estimed guvnah of the 40+ caldeon sims) has spoken out against the JLU, and well known residents of SL have all spoken out against the JLU in the SLU forums.  GLE and Venkmann can add me to that list, and i will be keeping a close eye on the Dr Who Group and the lands under the temporal architects to make sure Venkmann and GLE get nowhere near close to a foothold in this community.

The problem does NOT lay with the entire Justice League.  I am friends with about 11 known members of the JLU and some well known Dr Who community folks who are neutral are in the JLU.  The problem with the JLU is down to two people, and two people alone....

GreenLantern Excelsior and KalEl Venkman...

...get rid of those two, reform the JLU council and put someone who isnt insane as its leader...and the JLU will be back to the group it should be...not the insane datamining communist based dictatorship it is now, where anyone different from them is logged in their wiki, anyone different from them is automatically classed as a greifer, and anyone who values SL privacy is labelled a "troublemaker".

Remember folks, its not just little old me speaking up about this, when big hitters like Caledons Desmond Shang speaks out...SOMETHING IS WRONG.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Well i finally managed to get my hands on all 11 seasons (yup, it ran for 11 years) of the show so much i overhauled the bar in Brunel Hall slightly so its almost a replica of the bar from Cheers :)

The top part is different cause thats the part that was mostly out of shot but the bar itself and the layout of the stuff in the middle of the bar is as close as I can get it to the way it looked on the show during Season 1.

Fancy popping along to where you'll find me lazing around most days?  Clicky on the link....ohhhhh and regular parties in Muirsheen Durkin (thats the name of the bar) every Friday evening at 6pm SL Time.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Taking things too far...

No doubt some of ya have already heard about the heap of trouble that the JLU (Justice League Unlimited) have been in with first their network banlink system but now most recently their wiki on members of the Second Life community who come to their attention.

If ya dont know anything about this...

The link above is the summary thread, however the main thread about the JLU's data harvesting, data mining and so on is here...

All i can say is...


They call this "protecting the grid"?!  Collecting info on greifers is one thing...but contacting a dying mans sister to make sure this man in RL was dying because he was a greifer is just...sick.  Really...really sick.

It's not just total batshit insane lunatics like GreenLanternExcelsior who have done questionable things for the cause of "Justice" in the Justice League, several other well known names in the Doctor Who community itself who are part of the JLU have been documented in the leaked info from the JLU wiki as doing many, many questionable things...MANY questionable things.

If anything, this is going to make me more wary of the folks that I now know who are in the JLU, what they are doing in sims i admin in, why they are there, what they are doing there in the first place and what data they are mining while they are there.

Several folks have already left the JLU over this, i say the problem is not with JLU as a group, the problem is with their leader...get rid of him and let someone sane take the group over, then maybe they can get back to helping keep the sandboxes cleaner instead of gathering docs on people.