Monday, 7 November 2011

The Zenobia Project

As many Timelord RP'ers have now realised...the overhaul of Katrina has meant that the first and largest of the Gallifreyan semi-canon line stations has vanished...

Zenobia Time Station was the first of the places in Katrina to go, but its not forgotten.

That station has taught me a few things in station design and more importantly, working with megaprims.  Fast forward a couple of years after the old Zenobia was built, and 64m prims are in, cutting prim count down for many large rooms.

The old semi-canon Zenobia may be gone, but it is being replaced with the REAL canon Space Station Zenobia as seen in Trial of a Timelord (Colin Baker era).  It will be the single largest Dr Who based station, like its predesessor but with a massive difference, it will be 3 times larger than the old station...

Preliminary work on the basics of the outer hull has started, however, this station is basically sim sized, it will cover much of the air above Katrina and be enclosed in a full space scene.  This will not be the rush job that the old Zenobia Station was...this time, im gonna do this right.

The picture below is the only known pre production shot of the stations model that was used for that infamous opening shot of Trial of a Timelord...

As I said...this HAS to be done it will take some weeks before Space Station Zenobia officially opens up for roleplay.

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