Thursday, 10 November 2011

What exactly will a new Katrina mean?

I hear around various other sci-fi sims and groups that questions have been raised as to what exactly a new Katrina ground, new set up and new Zenobia Station will actually mean for the Dr Who community and more especially the regular and semi regular visitors in and around the old Cardiff.

Good question...

I'll answer it laters today, since ive just spent 7 hours setting up the new rental boxes in the new mall >.<


  1. Sometimes just changing the look of a place can help to give it life. I`m a little uncertain at the amount of mesh used. Will be interesting to see how that affects the sim users who stubbornly use non mesh viewers.

  2. Have you noticed no one ever comments on your blog posts, except for Heracles on like two or three posts?

    Maybe you need to piss off New London again, that usually works.

  3. I believe comments are displayed only with approval Tetsuryu. I too feel a little disappointed at not seeing NL's fanbase reaction to the post in which i called their system laggy junk.