Thursday, 3 November 2011

The redesign of the Dr Who Expo

It's no secret now.

By hook, or by crook, by the time the end of the first weekend of November is over...this will be going bye bye...

The oldest Doctor Who fan region in Second Life, 4 years old this year, and half a decade old next year has been the familiar old Cardiff Bay since its original inception with the owners EzY McAlpine, Marinedalek Tomorrow and Nodster Tardis.

It has been the stopping off point for the past 4 years for new Dr Who fans in SL.  The meeting place for the revamped Podshock parties, home to the first Dr Who museum in Second Life and the place where the landmark Millennium Centre stood.

Over the past year, the owners of the Dr Who Expo, myself included, toyed with the idea of finally getting rid of the Cardiff theme, and replacing it with a new showcase design, a revamped and revitalised new design for the Doctor Who Expo, a design which will utilise the new building techniques of Second Life...mesh.

This weekend, Cardiff will be deleted...and replaced with the newer, more eye catching and much more up to date build.  Focusing on a generalised future vision of a section of a sci-fi city, with towering curved skyscrapers, a new redesigned mall, a new welcome centre, new home for the museum, and featuring more open grass and water features with a raised platform for general gatherings.  It will also feature a new redesigned Zenobia Station, new layout for the welcome area, completely new open plan design for the mall and a more general built up look.

Cardiff has served the Katrina sim well, but after 4's time for :)

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  1. Cardiff is almost as old in SL as i am. It's sad to see it go.
    Good luck with the rebuild.