Monday, 28 November 2011

Debs Regent - A liar and backstabber

Most of you know about the small mini Dr Who expo we had in the London England UK sim (mostly known as Hyde Park).

It's ran by Debs Regent and was a former Second Life Gateway.

Two years ago i was approcahed by Debs to set up a mini expo of Dr Who in the sky above Hyde Park for the new folks to see some Doctor Who content.

Last year i was asked by Debs Regent to place out some vendors in the back of it.  Last week stuff got returned.  I was told by Regent Parks (some land officer bloke) that it was because some residents complained there was vendors...fair enough i thought, the rest of the expo is still up there.

I went there today, it wasnt.  They returned EVERYTHING and kicked me out of the London Sims build group.  The whole lot is gone.  Two years of supporting Debs Regent and the London Sims, and all that work has been returned and i get kicked out of the group because of vendors which Debs Regent wanted there in the first place.

It's now been replaced by a Pipa Novelli TARDIS which Regent Parks bought and placed out.

...the thing is, as I said earlier, Debs ASKED ME to put those vendors out!  When i messaged Debs i got no reply, i got no reply to several notecards sent to her either.  Once again, she let her staff do the dirty work, which is a trait that a lot of her former staff have come to me since then and told me about.

Two years of work, advertising them and helping them with their Doctor Who weekend long party this year, and this is the treatment we get back from them...

The fact of the matter here is that Debs Regent has slowly been losing a lot of ground when it comes to "London" themed regions in Second Life.  It has not just been me that she and her power hungry staff have been stabbing in the back.  Some of her more trusted staff dating back to the days of her regions being a gateway have been stabbed in the back, lied about, trolled and even abuse reported by Debs OWN top end staff.

This is the kind of place that Debs runs, she casually turns a blind eye to the constant drama, bickering, lies and all out trolling that her own top end "management" level staff do every week.  When it comes to offering support to the people who helped her achieve what she did back in 2010/11, she stands in the sidelines, and lets her management staff do the dirty work.

Little wonder why Mainland London has now overtaken Debs Regents London sims as the top place to be.

Don't bother visiting the London Hyde Park sims folks, or any other sim maintained or owned by Debs Regent Virtually Linked...its owned by a backstabber and a flat out liar.

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